Kim-Kim evaluation
United Kingdom | Sep 27 - Oct 2, 2021

Judy B.
Carrollton, GA | Reviewed on Oct 03, 2021

Kate was wonderful. Having her a text or call away averted lots of averted frustration. The emergency number was appreciated, as well. I knew that no matter when it was, she knew I was traveling and was there to assist.

Have had great service from Greece, as well.

However, the young couple I have been working with on a trip to Europe in May for my family is not giving me much confidence. Their service doesn’t appear to be up to your standards. They have made it very plan that they are unavailable on weekends and outside of regular weekdays working hours. I will be traveling over three weekends and trouble seems to always strike after 5.

They have a language barrier. I have lots of experience with English as a Second Language folks but I am struggling. I fear I am going to be on my own in Europe in three countries for almost a month with no safety net or the kind of backup and preparatory support Kate provided.

They are in Slovenia. I am going to France, Germany, and Prague. I only speak English and my arrogant American (I try not to be that way! Ask Kate.) ways expect service for the money I invest. I recognize their background in a different culture and hope that my years of teaching cross cultural awareness pay off when I travel. However, if their future business aspirations include service to Americans, they need to soften their touch a bit and plan ahead using their knowledge to benefit travelers who will benefit from that.

For example, they have not mentioned COVID. We will need tests before flying to Europe. More critically, we will need PCR tests in Prague before flying to Bordeaux where we will board a riverboat cruise which they are aware we are booked on. I have no confidence that they have even thought of that. Who knows.. It may not be required by then. However, the cruise line has already asked us to upload vaccine records and forewarned us about the COVID test requirement prior to boarding.

Local specialist: Alex Rawson