Wow! - Sep 5 - Sep 16, 2021

Traveler: Leif M. - Local specialist: Antonia Ljuština

Wow! Antonia was able to book us last minute hotels for a terrific 12 day trip to Croatia. With all the COVID craziness it was hard to make commitments ahead of time so we came to Europe and were traveling only to countries with lower COVID rates, but it wasn’t much of a vacation constantly researching and booking stuff last minute ourselves. Enter Antonia and KimKim. Antonia was able to book us a fantastic 12 day trip starting the day before we arrived in Zagreb. From the moment we flew in, and for each transfer afterwards, someone was waiting to take us to take us to our next stop where a lovely hotel was awaiting us. We went to Zagreb for two days, Plitivic lakes for two days, an afternoon in Zadar, two days in Split, two days in Hvar, a day in Kuculic and three days in Dubrovnik. Everything worked flawlessly. We saw and did so much, but it was so relaxing. What a spectacular country Croatia is! What a great trip planner Antonia is! Hvala vam!

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Antonia Ljuština, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Leif,
Hvala for your review! I am so glad we managed to make your last-minute arrangements a reality and that you had a great time on your trip. It was a pleasure creating it and I hope to see you back in our country soon!
All the best from Zagreb,