chili with a corons sauce on top - Mar 7 - Mar 10, 2020

Traveler: Rene V. - Local specialist: Virginia Crivelli

so here we are
not yet home
but almost with these strange circumstances..........
a big thank you to Vi for organising this trip already last summer
long before Corona hit while we were in Chile
how shall i start
good things first
txs for the arrngments and the support
pucon was good
the climbing was though and guides ( Eduardo ) very helpfull and comprehensive
HuiloHuilo was super
puerto varas was not so good as hotel .... but the Corona was laready there
chiloe we missed ( and this would heve been very far away of Puerto varas to get back on the plane)
but Vi made it work
we stayed one day longer and the left for Santiago just to make shure
we could change the flight tickets with the help of the hotel and backed up efficiently by your emergency nr personel
txs again
renting the car in Europ car is always somehow a desilusion
the car promised was ( of course...) not available
the altenative was not what we had expected
these companies always flaw you one way of the other !
the highway billing system is somewhat crazy
we had no cash when leaving Temuko
so the billed us 5€ for the first 500 m highway as we had to get on the usual way tp Pucon
and around Puerto varas one had to pay every single time we hit the highway
not so expensive but not fair i felt ! at least unexpected
but then again chili is super scenic and very friendly and helpfull people
just this coronoa infection busted it up
txs for having us here
thank you for your dedication Vi !
rene and chantal on our way out tomorow we hope

Virginia Crivelli profile photo
Virginia Crivelli, local specialist, responded to this review:

Rene, thank you for your kind words.
I'm happy that overall you had a good experience in Chile and more considering the circumstances.
I'm sorry about the experience with the rental car but, I'm happy to know that you did enjoy the stunning landscapes Chile has to offer :)
I hope you had a nice flight back home.

Best regards, Vi