Petra trip, Jordan - Jun 15 - Jun 18, 2017

Traveler: Robert C. - Local specialist: Tala Dabain

Almost perfect. There was a slight mismatch between our expectations on tour length and the expectations of the guide. Specifically, our request for a deeper dive into the historical details of sites above and beyond the usual time limitations of a fixed length standard tour was mis-matched with the guide's understanding that the standard tour length would suffice. I'm not sure where the communication could have been more complete and apologize if this is a detail that we missed somewhere in the exchanges. In any event, we raised the question with our guide and he was able to quickly clarify that he was hired for time-limited tours each day in line with the needs of regular tour customers. Overall, he was an absolute delight to work with and very impressive in terms of the depth of his knowledge clearly resulting from a deep personal passion for the history of Petra. Thank you!

It was not completely clear to us why our border crossings between Israel and Jordan were so far north and at such a remote border point. We guessed that it was due to the need to enter and depart by the same ports of entry and the relative time savings offered on the tail end of our trip when we needed to get to Haifa.

This is significant in part due to the remoteness of the Jordanian port of entry seems that it may have contributed to the delay of over an hour when the immigration officials withheld my visa stamp with no rationale or information on whether or not I would be permitted to enter Jordan.

It is very possible that the information was offered to one or both of us and we just missed it in which case I apologize. Thank you!