Sharif, Asaf, and Lena formed the DREAM TEAM!
Egypt | Aug 28 - Aug 31, 2023

Heather V.
Millboro, VA | Reviewed on Sep 01, 2023

Sharif, the travel agent, was absolutely awesome! Throughout our adventure, we had numerous changes to our itinerary and different activity requests, but Sharif remained positive and communicated exceptionally well. His patience was remarkable, making our experience much more enjoyable. We sincerely appreciate his flexibility and dedication to ensuring we had a fantastic time. I can't express enough how amazing Asaf, our travel assistant, was during our trip. From the moment we arrived, he went above and beyond to assist us with our visa application, ensuring that the process was smooth and efficient. He made sure we didn't have to wait long and guided us through the return journey, always ensuring we were on the right track and making use of the quickest lines. As if his outstanding service wasn't enough, Asaf displayed a level of care and consideration that truly impressed us. When I realized I had left my glasses in the car on the day of our departure, Asaf didn't hesitate to return to the airport just to deliver them to me while we were checking in. This level of dedication and thoughtfulness is a rare find. I must also mention Lena, an exceptional guide who accompanied us. Her helpful nature and genuine eagerness to assist us added immense value to our trip. She was informative during our tour of Sakarra, Memphis, and The Giza Pyramids. Lena was amazing with efforts to avoid the most crowded times as well. We were truly appreciative of her communication. Asaf, Lena, and Sharif formed a dream team, making our journey seamless and memorable. I highly recommend anyone in need of reliable, efficient, and caring guides. They truly go the extra mile to ensure their clients' comfort and satisfaction. Thank you, Asaf, Lena, and Sharif for making our trip an unforgettable experience!

Local specialist: Sherif Khalil
Sherif Khalil
Local specialist in Egypt | Replied on Sep 10, 2023

Thanks Heather for such a wonderful feedback, we are happy you left Egypt with good memories and we are looking forward to your next Egypt Trip.