Best of Rajasthan Tour - 10 Days
India | Nov 8 - Nov 22, 2018

Greg M.
Canada | Nov 29, 2018

The trip was coordinated by Active India, which is your contact in India. It would have been good to understand this upfront. Bhupendra was an employee, who left AI part way through my planning process, but I wasn't told this upfront. I ended up dealing with three different agents with AI. In addition to that, AI doesn't provide any drivers or any guides outside of Delhi. They contract out for the drivers and hire local agents in each city, who then hire independent guides. Most of that went pretty smoothly, although in the final location, the guide questioned whether my trip included the payment into the sites. He was good about it, but that illustrates the challenges with the dissemination of the actual services so far down the chain. Again, it just would have been good to know that upfront, so that I could be prepared for how everything was to unfold. Overall though, the guides were very professional and I really liked our driver Prakash. They all did an excellent job looking after us.

Local specialist: Bhupendra Singh