The Accursed Mountains Experience
Albania | May 30 - Jun 12, 2018

Barbara F.
Middletown, CT | Jun 16, 2018

AMAZING is the word I have been using. I didn’t feel at all like I was on one of your typical tourist Trips. Ed was great and determined to make it an adventure which he did. Our guide Nesti was as some of us Americans say “The Cats Meow “. Just wonderful. So caring, so knowledgeable, on time, a complete joy to be with and like Ed out to give us adventurous . Good ones at that. We met Ardi another one of their guides. Great guide. Guess I can’t say enough about the team (including Boobie, Ed’s dog) and the trip. Would recommend them to anyone. The lodges and all the people running them were so nice as were ALL the people I came across in Albania. I have my Albanian bracelet that I wear all the time because it has now become a special place to me.

Local specialist: Ed Reeves
Ed Reeves
Local specialist in Tirana | Jun 15, 2018

Hi Barbara,

Thanks so much for the kind words. Nesti (and Bubi) are very pleased you had such a good time in Albania and Kosovo and we hope you make it back again soon!