Northern Lights and see Iceland - Oct 11 - Oct 18, 2017

Traveler: Pam L. - Local specialist: Arnar Steinn Thorsteinsson

I would definitely look to Kimkim again for traveling overseas. The trip was very well organized and the team did a great job working with my budget and making arrangements, communicating with me and answering questions.

There was only one thing that wasn't 100% but still not bad. 2 tour companies merged in Iceland and my voucher said one company would be picking me up but it was actually the other companies bus that came and he was a bit late. That one 2-day tour had a young inexperienced guide that wasn't well organized with food and bathroom stops and didn't inform us well of all the places we went. e.g. there was one stop listed on the itinerary, kind of a big deal for that location, and he never mentioned it or took us the 50 meters on the other side of the trees to see it. I just happened to stop there with another group, unscheduled, where that guide did show us and give the story. The other 2-day guide was the best, i can't imagine having a better guide. It felt like the first guide wasn't properly trained and we were the unfortunate beneficiaries of his being new at this.

But as far as Kimkim arrangements, superb. If I see airfare sales in the future I will defiantely keep Iceland and Kimkim in mind for my plans.

Arnar Steinn Thorsteinsson profile photo
Arnar Steinn Thorsteinsson, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Pamela and thank you for your kind words.
I´m really glad to hear that overall, the trip was successful and you had a good time. I am really sad to hear about the inexperienced guide on one of your tours and I would like to pass that on to the tour company and discuss the matter with them, which tour was it? +
In my mind, the quality of the guide is of paramount importance and I get really upset when people have this kind of experience when travelling in Iceland.