Our trip to and from Egypt was a great success! - Oct 4 - Oct 11, 2019

Traveler: Stephen A. - Local specialist: Ibrahim Elaref

Our trip to and from Egypt was a great success! Since we were able to visit and return home without any hitch. I landed on kimkim by luck, as I wanted assistance with local itinerary organization in a foreign land, which I found most useful since Kimkim works with local specialists. Our local specialist Ibrahim definitely knows the best places and thills of Egypt as we feel we didn't miss any! Thank you! Out local tour guide in Cairo, Islam was so knowledgeable and invested in ensuring we had a great time, while making sense of everything from the monuments, traffic and local food. Our driver Mohammed was a great expert too as we moved quite abit in Cairo, to the east and west. We went south by train and later with tour vans. They navigated through busy streets while making it on time always.

Our visit to Bahariya was awesome, as we were amazed at all the water coming out of the ground in the desert! We visited some date fields and tasted some! The white and black deserts are a must-experience if one has never been to a desert like us! The camping overnight was so peaceful, majestic and quiet! It was probably our best part of the visit. Our area guide Ashraf was so knowledgable of the area, a great 4x4 driver and an excellent cook as well!!

The only snags we noted seem to be part of the culture - talking on the phone while driving, occasional non use of safety belts and smoking. However no one smoked in our midst. By and large everyone from the beginning like Zain and others was courteous and helpful and made our time in Egypt memorable! Thank you!