The Best of Northern Argentina - 14 Days
Argentina | Jun 14 - Jun 29, 2019

Nico B.
the Maldives | Jul 11, 2019

Dear Martin,
Thanks again for this wonderful trip! Back home, we wish w're back there.

We had issues, but you were there, to get everything right.

Day by day we will review the trip.

Day 1: we had to call you for the car. The changed flight schedule was not known by the car rental company.
For one night it's better to stay in a different hotel or hosteria, because we had the feeling that this was a one-person room.

Day 2: beautiful stay

Day 3: we visited La Garganta del Diablo and the Humahauaca (14-colors mountain).

Day 4: beautiful stay. To buy the extra fuel is not necessary. In Antofagasta is a new fuel station.

Day 5: please mention to others that de Puna de Atacama (Dieserto du diable - seita curvas) is really spectucalar.

In Tolar Grande, maybe you have heard, we were in a beautiful hosteria (Casa Andina), the same name as you mentioned in the detailed information. Because we didn't have any addresses and this is mentioned on Internet we thought we were in the correct place to stay. This hosteria is in line with the previous hotels.
Unfortunately we had to go to a basic stay. Maria was very friendly.

In Tolar Grande there are two places for dinner. You have to step in on the time the miners go for dinner and you have to eat the daily menu.

Day 6: please skip this extra day in Tolar Grande and add this to Antofagaste.
Laguna Santa Maria is far away and the road was washed away on several places. To dangerous because of the rental car. We turned.

Day 7: we drive an awesome route (via Antofalla)

Great stay in Antofagasta (wonderful). To get fuel is easy, because there is a new fuel station.

You can add 2 more nights to stay here because there are a lot of attractions.

Day 8: Campo de Piedra Pómez is awesome.
You arrive after sunset in Tafi del Valle. It's a long trip.

Dag 9 - 11: -

Dag 12: After visiting quebrada de las conchas (amphitheater at last), make the return to Cachi. It was better to stay in Cachi for the night because the drive from Salta via Cafayate to Quebrada de las Flechas was far too long (tarde tarde).

Day 13: Yungas trekking was awesome, very friendly guide, great lunch. We prefer to stay in this village, Villa San Lorenzo instead of Salta.

Day 14: This trip was far too long. We had only a quick stop in Cafayate and in Cachi. Visiting Puente del Diablo was not possible because this point is after sunset. We arrived in San Antonio de los Cobres at 9.30pm. Driving after sunset in the mountains is heavy (don't thin at thime that something could happen).

Day 15: short drive to Salta. In the afternoon we've visited the Teléfirico.

Day 16: unfortunately the guide wasn't there. No hike for that day.

Day 17: plan this trip with a stay in Cachi.

Day 18: -

Day 19: Eclipse Day!

Day 20: as complimentary we got an extra stay in San Juan (you offer it for free on January, 24th) . This hotel was oké, but we don't recommend it to others. We had to pay for the night.

Day 21: We would advise, depending on the flight schedule, to book a hotel closer to the airport.
We had to leave at 5.30am. No breakfast at that time.

Flight Mendoza - Buenos Aires - Rio de Janeiro - Amsterdam (day +1)

Day 21: Delev

Local specialist: Martin Ogawa