Read this review if planning a trip to brazil
Brazil | Dec 14 - Dec 23, 2021

Graeham W.
San Francisco, CA | Reviewed on Jan 04, 2022

When we were looking to travel to Brazil, we knew we needed some help planning and organizing never having been to the country and not knowing the best things to see and do, I spent some time looking online and trying to find people that could help. From prearranged tours to private tours, and nobody seem to have the flexibility to be able to book the things that we specifically wanted to do, if you wanna book a private tour, it’s all private, there’s no option for anything else and it Hass to be using their specific vendors which are generally quite expensive, and if you wanna do one of the prearranged tours you have to stick to those tours and can’t deviate from them. So if you need help finding out what to do, how to get there, and finding accommodations that suit your best needs weather be budget or luxury I’ve done all the research for you, and Camille is the best person for the job, she was able to book tours at an affordable rate rate including flights and make the entire process seamless and smooth. She was able to find budget hotels when we needed them and luxury ones when we wanted somewhere to kick back. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a situation where you show up somewhere and then you need to figure out where to go, how to get there or what to do when you’re traveling, Camille handled everything from A-to-Z and even when we had issues that came up she was there to assist to make sure everything was fixed and went smoothly. I would highly recommend using her, without any questions asked, she did a great and fantastic job was there for us the entire time, and everything was pre-arranged and booked so everything transition smoothly and we didn’t have to stress about anything, and when issues did come up she was there to help immediately handle and address them

Local specialist: Camille Terra