I cannot say enough good things about Anna or... - Sep 15 - Sep 28, 2021

Traveler: Kristen G. - Local specialist: Anna-Maria Frid

I cannot say enough good things about Anna or this Croatia trip that she and I planned together! I just completed a 2-week solo trip and actually started crying when my plane left Split, because I just didn't want to leave.

Some of the things that made this vacation so memorable were the little things I usually have to worry about all by myself when I do solo trips. I am famous for getting lost, boarding the wrong train or bus, getting meeting places wrong, etc., but this time it was a breeze! When you're in a new country it usually takes you a few days to get a feel for how things work, but Anna even went so far as to send me pictures of what my buses would look like, checked in with me just about daily to make sure I wasn't having any issues, and somehow also managed to make many last-minute substitutes for excursions when the ones we'd booked months in advance canceled due to Covid or other issues. She is truly a miracle worker!

Our trip (and I call it "our" because I feel like she was there with me the entire time) was a labor or love since I'd first reached out to her nearly 8 months ago, and she put incredible thoughtfulness and detail into everything, even down to knowing when I'd need a quiet day to just relax and catch up on sleep or put my feet up - I really did request a whirlwind of a trip!

This is the second time I've used kimkim for international travel, and I plan to stick with them for future trips as well. It's so easy when you give them a timeframe, a budget, and some general ideas of what you'd like to see and do. In fact, on this trip there was so much more I was able to include that it felt like I got a bonus week of sightseeing for my investment.

If I could give Anna ten stars, I would! I rarely visit the same country twice, but for Croatia, I definitely plan on making an exception.

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Anna-Maria Frid, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Kristen,
thank you! Your kind words made me cry!
It was a real treat working together with you in creating this trip for you and it was my pleasure traveling with you! I am sure our paths will cross eventually once again.

Until then, stay safe!