The best way to make the 249 miles (400 km) from Addo to Mossel Bay is by car. Travelers can choose between winding their way through the Garden Route—or traveling inland—with lots to explore along the way. Top spots to visit include Tsitsikamma National Park, Jeffreys Bay, and Nature’s Valley.

There is the option to fly. This is less recommended because you will need to travel some distance by car on both ends and fly via Cape Town or Johannesburg. This trip takes longer than driving and doesn’t offer many options for sightseeing. Travelers technically have the option of using the bus from Port Elizabeth although this isn’t recommended and is more time-consuming.

Travelers interested in exploring more of the Garden Route, Cape Town, Eastern Cape safari, and more—should look at this 15-day itinerary.

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 5 hours, more with stops

Using a private transfer is your best option because of the gravel roads at Addo. Although, those who wish to self-drive will need to arrange a rental car prior to arriving at Addo. 

The quickest route option is via the N2 highway—which winds through the Garden Route with coastal views. Good places to visit en route include Bloukrans Bridge, Tsitsikamma National Park, Storm’s River, Jeffreys Bay, Nature’s Valley, and Sedgefield. Recommended places to stop for lunch are Port Elizabeth or Jeffreys Bay.

There are two alternative route options that go inland—and aren’t as scenic. One option is via the N2, R62, and N9. This route goes past Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay—offering some exploration of the Garden Route—before going inland. The final route option goes via the R336, R75, R329, N9, and N2. Willowmore is a good lunch stopover for those who opt for this route. 

After arriving in Mossel Bay, travelers can get around using a private transfer, rental car or on foot.

By Private Transfer and Plane

Duration: 6+ hours

This option is not recommended because there are no direct flights between Port Elizabeth and George. Travelers will need to book a connecting flight to Johannesburg or Cape Town, which can take up to five hours. You will also need to travel by car from Addo to Port Elizabeth. After arriving in George, travelers will need to book a private transfer or use a rental car for the rest of the route.

By Private Transfer and Bus

Duration: 6 hours

This is the least recommended method of travel and there are no direct bus routes between Addo and Mossel Bay. Travelers will need to use a private transfer to get from Addo to Port Elizabeth—and use the bus for the rest of the way. We recommend that those who opt for this method of travel use Baz Bus which caters to tourists.


Map of How to Get from Addo to Mossel Bay
Map of How to Get from Addo to Mossel Bay