Wilderness, a coastal town on the Garden Route, is 226 miles (364 km) from Addo. The best way to travel this distance is by car. A private transfer is your best option due to the gravel roads but self-driving is also available for those who arrange their rental car prior to arriving in Addo. 

There are three route options for this trip—we recommend traveling near the coast along the Garden Route—with places like Tsitsikamma National Park and Knysna to explore along the way. For more information on exploring the Garden Route, have a look at this itinerary. The other two route options are more time-consuming and less scenic.

Travelers can travel by plane and private transfer although this is more time-consuming and some distance has to be traveled by car on both ends. Since there are no direct flights between Port Elizabeth and George, travelers will need to book a connecting flight to either Johannesburg or Cape Town. Another travel option is by private transfer and bus—although this isn’t recommended.

Those still planning their South African trip should look at this 16-day itinerary which includes exploring the Garden Route, Wild Coast, Drakensberg, and much more.

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 4 - 4.5 hours

Due to the gravel roads in Addo—the best option is using a private transfer—which offers a set fee irrespective of the number of travelers. Those who self-drive will need to arrange a rental car prior to arriving in Addo or get a private transfer to a rental shop in Port Elizabeth.

The quickest route means leaving the R335 at Addo and then traveling along the N2. This takes you along the Garden Route with scenic views and lots to explore along the way. Recommended stopovers include the coastal towns Jeffreys Bay, Nature’s Valley, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, and Sedgefield. Other notable attractions include Bloukrans Bridge, Tsitsikamma National Park, and Storm’s River Mouth.

There are two other route options that take longer and aren’t as scenic. One option is to exit the N2 after Humansdorp and travel along the R62, N9, and N12 for the rest of the way. This takes 30 minutes longer. The final route option goes inland for most of the trip--along the R336, R75, R329, N9, and N12. Willowmore is a recommended lunch stopover for those who opt for this route.

After arriving in Wilderness, you can get around using a private transfer, rental car, or on foot.

By Private Transfer and Plane

Duration: 6+ hours

This option is inconvenient because travelers will need to book a connecting flight to Johannesburg or Cape Town. Since there are no direct flights, the trip by plane can take up to five hours. Travelers also need to travel by car from Addo to Port Elizabeth. After arriving in George, you will need to book a private transfer or use a rental car for the rest of the route. This trip is likely to take at least six hours.

By Private Transfer and Bus

Duration: 5.5 hours

Travelers technically have the option to use the bus although this isn’t recommended. You will need to get a private transfer from Addo to Port Elizabeth and book a bus for the rest of the way. Those who opt to use the bus should book through Baz Bus—which caters to tourists.


Map of How to Get from Addo to Wilderness
Map of How to Get from Addo to Wilderness