Hazyview, a sub-tropical town in Mpumalanga, is 261 miles from Johannesburg. Getting between these two destinations can be time-consuming and may require multiple modes of transportation.

The quickest method of travel will mean flying from Johannesburg to Nelspruit or Skukuza and traveling by car or private transfer the rest of the way. Those hoping to see more of the country may choose to travel by car, private transfer, or bus for the entire trip. Renting a car or using private transfer is more time-efficient and allows you greater freedom and flexibility than traveling by bus.

Those who choose to travel by car may consider making a detour to include a 3-day “Big 5” Tour of Kruger National Park.

By Plane and Private Transfer or Car

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

This is the most convenient and time-efficient method of traveling. Travelers can fly to either Nelspruit airport or Skukuza airport. Both flights are 45-50 minutes long.

Those wishing to drive the rest of the route can rent a car at the airport. Travelers who choose not to drive can arrange a private transfer to Hazyview. The trip to Hazyview from both airports will take just over an hour.

By Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 4.5-5.5 hours

The shortest route by car is via the N12 and N4 highway. Travelers will drive along these highways until reaching the town Nelspruit where they will make a left turn onto the R40 (also called Madiba Drive). Alternatively, travelers can leave via the N1 highway before turning onto the N4 highway. There are pay tolls on the road and travelers need to have cash or a credit card accessible.

Roads here are well-maintained and both routes have multiple opportunities refreshment stops. Those comfortable with driving may choose to rent a car. Private transfer options are also available.

By Bus

Duration: 6-7 hours

While this is the most affordable option, it is the least convenient since there are no direct bus routes between Johannesburg and Hazyview. This method of travel is also time-consuming. Those who choose to use the bus will travel from Johannesburg to Nelspruit and then take a connecting bus for the rest of the way.


Map of How to Get from Johannesburg to Hazyview
Map of How to Get from Johannesburg to Hazyview