The distance between Portugal's capital of Lisbon and the mountainous region of Alentejo is 117 miles (189 km). The best way to travel to Alentejo is by train, as it will take you directly to Évora, a medieval town that serves as a great base for exploring the area. 

If you'd prefer to take a car, you can get to the area slightly faster than the train can take you, but you will need to make sure you're comfortable navigating narrow cobblestone streets. You'll have more freedom, but you'll also need to find parking at all of your destinations, which can add some complexity to your travel plans.

Portugal's nice and efficient buses will also take you to the heart of the region in about an hour and a half while you enjoy the scenery.

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By Train

Duration: 2 hours

Four trains leave Lisbon for Beja each day. There are six train stations in Lisbon, but the most centrally located stations are Santa Apolónia and Rossio. You can purchase tickets online ahead of time at the Cambios de Portugal website or at the station.

There are first- and second-class carriages, so make sure to book first-class for extra amenities like refreshments, charging stations, and more comfortable seats.

The train ride is about two hours, and the trains are comfortable and efficient. and after you get off at the Beja train station, you'll need to take a quick 20-minute taxi ride into the center of Alentejo.

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 1.5 hours, more with stops

If you'd rather have door-to-door service, you can hire a private driver to pick you up at your hotel in Lisbon and take you directly to your accommodation in Alentejo. The drive to Évora, which is the most popular destination in the area, is an hour and a half. Consider asking a local specialist for help in booking a private transfer.

If you're interested in taking a driving tour of Portugal, you can rent your own car in Lisbon and take it to Alentejo. This is a great option if you're planning to spend more than a day hopping around different ancient towns in the region, and there are plenty of international rental agencies in the capital.

Make sure you're comfortable driving in congested areas as the roads in Lisbon and most Portuguese towns are quite narrow, and be sure to call ahead if you need an automatic vehicle as most available rentals will be manual.  

To get to Évora and the center of the Alentejo region, you'll take A2 until it turns into the A6, which will happen about halfway through your trip. 

By Bus

Duration: 1.5 hours

There are two main bus stations in Lisbon, Oriente and Sete Rios. Two Rede Expressos buses leave for Évora each day, one at 3:00 and one at 4:00, and the trip takes about an hour and a half. 

Most of the Rede buses have wifi, charging ports, and air conditioning.


Map of How to Get from Lisbon to Alentejo
Map of How to Get from Lisbon to Alentejo