Oudtshoorn, a town in the Klein Karoo, is 244 miles (393 km) from Stellenbosch. Getting between these two towns may require multiple modes of transportation. The quickest and most recommended method of travel is by car and plane, which takes between two and three hours.

Another option is making it a road trip with a rental car or private transfer. There are two routes available, and the option to explore towns along the way. You can technically go by bus, but this a time-consuming method (8 hours) and there are no direct route options.

Travelers who are still planning their South African itinerary might be interested in this 10-day wildlife road trip which includes exploring Oudtshoorn, Kruger National Park, the Tsitsikamma region, and much more.

By Private Transfer/Rental Car and Plane

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

This is the quickest way to travel and you will need to book a flight from Cape Town to George. Travelers will need to either self-drive a rental car or use a private transfer for the 30-minute drive from Stellenbosch to the airport in Cape Town. Travelers can easily rent a car in Stellenbosch, use a private transfer, or use the rideshare app, Uber. The flight from Cape Town to George takes 50 minutes.

After arriving in George, you can rent a car at the airport or use a private transfer for the rest of the journey. The drive to Oudtshoorn from George will take travelers around one hour and you will travel on the N2 highway for most of the journey. Those hoping to visit the beach before making your way to Oudtshoorn can take a 20-minute detour to the harbor town of Wilderness.

After arriving in Oudtshoorn, travelers can get around by rental car, private transfer, or on foot.

By Car

Duration: 4.5 - 5 hours

Traveling by rental car or private transfer is a great way to explore more of the country. Those who opt for this method can leave Stellenbosch on the N1 highway or the N2 highway (this route is only 15 minutes longer). Both routes will take travelers to the town of Barrydale, which is a great spot to stopover for lunch or their famous milkshakes. You will then travel along the R62 for the rest of the route.

Those who opt to drive along the N2 may enjoy stopping at Caledon en route, famous for their hot springs, or Swellendam which offers site-seeing opportunities of heritage sites. Travelers who opt to leave via the N1 highway will have more opportunity to explore the Klein Karoo which may include stopping at the towns Ladismith and Calitzdorp.

By Bus

Duration: 8 hours

This is the least recommended method of travel and takes the most time, and there are no direct bus routes. The best option is booking a ticket to Swellendam and another ticket for the rest of the route. Those who opt for this travel method should be aware that trips can be made longer due to bus delays. Travelers are also advised to book tickets that arrive in daylight for safety reasons.


Map of How to Get from Stellenbosch to Oudtshoorn
Map of How to Get from Stellenbosch to Oudtshoorn