The distance between Porto and Faro is 344 miles (554 km), and the average journey is between three and six hours. The best and quickest way to get to Faro is by taking a direct flight to Faro International Airport (FAO).

You can hire a private driver or rent your own car and plan a few stops in some of Portugal's smaller towns and see some hidden gems, but you will have to pay the extra tolls on the route.

There are direct trains from Porto's Campanhã Station each day, which is also a good option for those who don't want to worry about going by car. Buses are also available, but they will have the longest transit time, so this might not be a good option if you're sticking to a strict itinerary.

To sail to Faro, check out this 4-day sailing tour that covers the historic town center of Lagos, the famous Ponta da Piedade cliffs and beaches of Albufeira, Culatra Island, and more. Foodies will want to take a look at this 7-day itinerary that starts in Faro and takes you through the gastronomic history and highlights of the Algarve region.

By Plane

Duration: 3 hours, plus transfers to and from the airport

Direct three-hour flights operated by Ryanair leave Porto Airport (OPO) for Faro each day, making this the best and most time-efficient way to travel between these destinations. 

Porto Airport is easily reached by public transport or private transfer.

By Private Transfer or Rental Car

Duration: 4.75 hours

You can easily rent a car from a company in Porto or find a private driver for hire who's willing to make the journey. If you decide to go by car, make sure to ask the rental company about getting a pre-paid device that will allow you to stay in the fast lane. 

You'll take highways A1 and A2, and there are plenty of historic towns to stop and explore along the way. About an hour into your drive, you'll come across Aveiro, known as the "Venice of Portugal" with its canals and colorful buildings. This is a great place to have lunch and stretch your legs on a walk around the center of town.

About an hour past Aveiro, you can choose to make a stop in the riverfront town of Coimbra where you can see some architecture that dates back to Roman times or wander through the Botanical Garden.

By Train

Duration: 5.75 hours

There are first- and second-class carriages available, so be sure to pay attention to which amenities are offered if you want refreshments, newspapers, and charging stations.

Multiple direct trains depart from Porto's Campanhã Station for Faro each day, making this a great way to see some of the Portuguese countryside without worrying about highway tolls or traffic.

By Bus

Duration: 7.5 hours

Rede Expressos buses leave for Faro each day, and there are even two overnight buses available. The average bus ride to Faro takes about seven and a half hours and will make a stop in Lisbon, where you'll transfer buses. There are a couple of direct buses each day, but they make far more stops, so it's actually faster to take the transfer in Lisbon.

The Rede buses are clean and comfortable, and most are outfitted with wifi and charging ports.



Map of How to Get from Porto to Faro
Map of How to Get from Porto to Faro