Making the short 47-mile (76 km) trip from Iceland's capital city of Reykjavik to the western waterside village of Borgarnes is easiest by self-driving. However, traveling by bus or private transfer are options too. Although Borgarnes is considered a solid stopover en route to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula or the remote Westfjords, it has plenty to offer as a stand-alone outdoor and cultural destination as well.

If traveling directly north on the Ring Road, it's possible to see the old lighthouse in Akranes.  Or, if you'd prefer the longer route, exploring more the Hvalfjörður fjord is a fantastic opportunity to take in more of Iceland's stunning scenery. Once in Borgarnes, take in the postcard-perfect ocean views at a local cafe, stretch your hiking legs by trekking up the local mountain, Hafnarfjall, and visit the Settlement Center.

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By Car

Duration: 1-2 hours, more with stops

Taking the direct route will have travelers embarking northward on the Ring Road (Route 1), crossing through a 3.7 mile (6 km) tunnel. Although this option is just under an hour, it's wise to allow a bit of extra time for seaside stops along the way. Another choice for drivers that enjoy taking a longer way around, Route 47 is considered the even more scenic route and takes about two hours in total. This way allows hiking enthusiasts to make their way up to Glymur waterfall, a worthy stop to trek and marvel at one of West Iceland's amazing natural attractions.

By Bus

Duration 1-2 hours

For travelers wishing to take the bus without any transfers, it's possible from the town of Artun, just ten minutes outside of Reykjavik. Taking either a taxi or the line 6 bus will get you to Artun, where you'll hop on line 57 for a little over an hour of travel time to Borgarnes. Taking this mode of transportation is efficient to reach Borgarnes in an affordable and relatively quick way, however, it takes away from the flexibility of stopping and exploring.

By Private Transfer

Duration: 1-2 hours

Hiring a driver to travel via private transfer is an option as well, although more expensive than the other options. Ask your local specialist for more details.


Map of How to Get from Reykjavik to Borgarnes
Map of How to Get from Reykjavik to Borgarnes