Sicily is shaped like a triangle, and travel from Trapani to Agrigento takes you from one of its three corners to its southwestern side.

Like in the rest of Sicily, traveling the 110 miles (177 km) by car is most convenient, and the 2.5-hour route travels through attractive towns including the seafront resort city Sciacca. Self-drive or opt for a private transfer, especially convenient for those who are uncomfortable driving on new territory. 

If you choose to drive, this 15-day itinerary along the Sicilian Coast includes both Trapani and Agrigento as well as other major Sicilian highlights such as Syracuse, Mount Etna and more.

Because train travel takes over 7 hours and requires two changes, it is the least convenient way to get from Trapani to Agrigento.

By Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 2.5 hours (more with stops and traffic)

This is the most convenient way to get from Trapani to Agrigento taking the SS115 for 100 miles (161 km) of the distance. The SS115 is known to be an extremely scenic drive within the Sicilian countryside.

A detour into Castellammare del Golfo is recommended for a quick, unwinding passeggiata—or stroll—along the harbor (30 additional minutes). Otherwise, Sicily's popular white reef attraction Scala dei Turchi is a much-deserved stop for a quick dive right before getting to Agrigento (20 additional minutes).

For those uncomfortable driving in a foreign country, private transfer is convenient in getting you to places such as Agrigento with stops into all the towns you might be interested in, something that would otherwise be inaccessible with public transportation. Private transfer services are widely available in Trapani. 

By Train

Duration: 7-8.5 hours

The train is the least convenient way to get from Trapani to Agrigento. Although the two towns are about 110 miles (177 km) from one another and less than a 3-hour car ride, the train trip takes over six hours and requires two detour changes in Piraineto and Palermo. The route is served by Trenitalia, Italy's national operator. Only regionale-level trains are available; these make a stop in each village en route, making it a slow and cumbersome journey.

If you choose to travel from Trapani to Agrigento by train, you can purchase tickets online or directly at the station right before hopping on. For tickets purchased at the station, make sure to validate them with the date and the time by using one of the marked green or gray machines placed on the walls of the station.

Once you arrive in the train station of Agrigento Centrale, Agrigento's main sight, Valley of the Temples, is a 45-minute walk away. Taxis are available by booking over the phone. 


Map of How to Get from Trapani to Agrigento
Map of How to Get from Trapani to Agrigento
Written by Bana B, updated Sep 9, 2019