Explore the eastern regions of Taiwan on this week-long itinerary featuring an assortment of natural wonders. You'll start off visiting the Jinguashi gold mines and their neighboring multi-hued waters, then continue to the marble gorges of Taroko Gorge National Park. Take a scenic roadtrip along Highway 11, then swim and sun on the shores of Green Island before you head through the East Rift Valley Scenic Area and back to Taipei.


  • Go deep into the Jinguashi gold mines
  • Hike through the marble Taroko Gorge
  • Road trip through coastal rock formations
  • Relax in the Green Island hot springs

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Taipei - Yeliu - Jiufen - Yilan Yilan
Day 2 Yilan - Taroko Gorge Hualien
Day 3 Hualien - Taitung Taidong
Day 4 Taitung - Green Island Green Island
Day 5 Green Island - Taitung Taidong
Day 6 Taitung - Hualien Hualien
Day 7 Hualien - Yilan - Taipei Taipei City

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Taipei - Yeliu - Jiufen - Yilan

Yeliu Geopark

Welcome to Taiwan! You've got a busy first day on your itinerary, with an early morning pickup to bring you up to the North Coast and Yeliu Geopark. You'll visit the vast Jinguashi gold mines, home to the Golden Waterfall and Yin-yang Sea, so named for its unique blend of blue and yellow-tinted waters, as well as the old street in Jiufen. Relax in the evening at a hot spring hotel in Yilan.

Day 2: Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

Enjoy the natural scenery of Taiwan on today's excursion, starting with the Qingshui Cliffs towering over the Pacific. You'll continue on to Taroko Gorge National Park, home to its namesake marble gorge and varied landscapes across its vast terrain. Pay a visit to the Eternal Spring Shrine, seated atop the Changchun Falls; Swallow Grotto trail, named for its population of the petite nesting birds and known for its views into the gorge; and the Baiyang trail, where you can hike through tunnels and past rushing waterfalls.

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Day 3: Hualien - Taitung

The Dragon Bridge

Set out for a scenic drive along Highway 11 today, taking in the views of the Pacific Ocean and picturesque coastline. But don't spend too much time on the road. You'll want to stop for detours at the coastal fishing town of Shihtiping, known for its natural stone steps and other distinct geological features; coastal cliffside Caves of the Eight Immortals, site of Taiwan's earliest human habitations (one of them is even still in use as a home today); Sansiantai scenic area and its resident intricate Dragon Bridge; and the dramatically eroded sandstone formations of Xiaoyeliu.

Day 4: Taitung - Green Island

Island lighthouse

Hop on a ferry this morning over to Green Island. This small volcanic island and former penal colony turned natural tourist attraction is home to hot springs, lighthouses, and popular snorkel and dive sites. Once you arrive, hop on a scooter to explore the island landmass, or take a guided snorkeling tour to see the sea life. As the sun goes down, you'll take a guided night tour to meet the nocturnal wildlife of the island before you return to your hotel.

Day 5: Green Island - Taitung

On the island

Spend another day enjoying the island and its hot springs into the late afternoon. Board your ferry back to Taitung in the evening for a transfer back to your hotel.

Day 6: Taitung - Hualien

Roadside views

Today's road from Taitung to Haulien goes through the East Rift Valley Scenic Area. Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged for the Lu Yeh High Land, where you can experience the growing sport of grass skiing, and the Bunnun Aboriginal Village, where you can sample indigenous cuisine. The rice paddy fields and Liyu Lake, nestled amid the mountains, will see you into your return to Hualien. Once you arrive in Hualien, take a stroll through the night market to check out the stalls.

Day 7: Hualien - Yilan - Taipei

Qingshui Cliffs

Just because it's the last day of your trip doesn't mean you can't fill it with even more sights. Your first stop is the Qingshui Cliffs to take in the views across the Pacific, followed by the cultural attractions of the National Center for Traditional Art before you return to Taipei.


Map of Taiwanese East Coast & Green Island Tour - 7 Days
Map of Taiwanese East Coast & Green Island Tour - 7 Days