Do you love travel? Are you ambitious & entrepreneurial? Do you have experience as a travel planner & organizer? Are you ready to have the year of your life? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then read on, because this may very well be the job you’ve waited for all your life.

Update November 12, 2017:

After reviewing hundreds of amazing applications, and interviewing the 10 finalists, we are excited to announce that we selected Erin Levi to be kimkim's first Global Travel Specialist. Her experience as a former travel marketer & publicist, and as a freelance writer for leading publications such as the New York Times, as well as writing a guidebook about Bhutan, are a perfect fit for this role. Erin started to work for us in November. 

The Best Job Ever - Global Travel Specialist @ kimkim

We are looking for an entrepreneurial travel specialist to join our team. As part of this role, you will travel for 1 full year and work out of our partner offices in some of the most exciting places in the world: Iceland, Nepal, Peru, and Italy.

Your responsibilities are a combination of developing itineraries, creating travel content, working with our local partners, recruiting new local partners, and helping with on-the-ground customer support.

The initial project is for one year, and will ideally be followed by a career at kimkim.

If this sounds appealing and you are available full-time for at least one year, then read on.

 Locations you'll work from

Iceland, Nepal, Peru and Italy
Iceland, Nepal, Peru, and Italy
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Who we're looking for

You are a smart, entrepreneurial world traveler and you have experience as a travel planner, or have held similar roles in the travel business. You must have traveled extensively, ideally in a variety of styles and to a variety of countries & continents, since this is a critical part of understanding how we are building towards our vision. You love to be part of an energetic team, and you can also hold your own and are able to get things done independently. 

You understand how travel trends are evolving and you are excited about being part of a movement to improve the way people travel and the business ecosystem that helps shape this. 

You are a strong communicator — both verbally and in writing — and you can build strong long-term relationships with co-workers, partners, and travelers. You are also highly organized and analytical and don't shy away from using numbers and spreadsheets in your daily work. 

And last but not least, you love to travel and apply your passion towards helping millions of people have unforgettable travel experiences. 

The Job

This is a fun, but challenging job. You will be responsible for a wide variety of elements to help accelerate the success of kimkim. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Find and recruit new local travel specialists, usually boutique travel operators
  • Strengthen relationships with our existing network of local specialists and work with them to further improve the effectiveness of our partnerships
  • Develop a deep understanding of the travel & tourism dynamics in each of the destinations you'll be based in, and use these insights to develop products and itineraries
  • Help develop content that highlights great travel ideas and itineraries for each destination, by partnering with writers
  • Help optimize kimkim's online marketing campaigns for each destination
  • Work closely with kimkim's US-based management team make sure your efforts have maximum effect
  • Since kimkim is a fast growing startup, be ready to roll up your sleeves and work hard
Your future office? View from Khopra Ridge in Nepal

About kimkim

Kimkim is a fast-growing travel startup based in Silicon Valley. We are a team of experienced travel professionals on a mission to improve the way we travel. We are passionate about travel and the travel business. We love to build online and mobile products that help travelers have unforgettable trips. You can read more about us here.

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Application deadline: September 4, 2017 (Applications are closed)