Best of Costa Rica

Costa Rica's 10 Best National Parks for Hiking

Hilly nature walks are practically guaranteed while visiting the rugged terrain of Costa Rica. While some travelers prioritize beaches and water sports on either coast, many will want to save space on the itinerary to explore the vast interior and myriad of wildlife. Good news for hiking enthusiasts: The majority of Costa Rica's 27 national parks offer well-maintained trails. From volcanoes, to tropical dry forests, to remote rainforests, here’s a list of the country’s 10 best national parks for hiking.

Best Hot Springs in Costa Rica

As a result of Costa Rica’s volcanoes and their geothermal activity, the country has a plethora of natural hot springs. These healing pools are a relaxing place to soak after a day’s worth of adventure activities, but not all of Costa Rica’s volcanoes hold the same praise. We’ve put together a list of the best hot springs near Arenal, Rincon de la Vieja, and lesser-known Miravalles.

Rio Celeste Waterfall
Best Waterfall Hikes in Costa Rica

With ample mountains and rainforests, Costa Rica’s fortunate topography is a breeding ground for rivers and streams that turn into rushing waterfalls. Climbing these picturesque cascades will reward you with stunning views from the top and refreshing pools below. (In other words, pack a swimsuit and towel.) Here’s a list of the country’s best waterfall hikes ranging in difficulty for young and old alike.

Beautiful Rio Celeste in Tenorio National Park
Best of Costa Rica - 14 Days

This two-week itinerary includes many of Costa Rica's greatest hits. You'll venture into the country's most beautiful national parks and enjoy zip-lining adventures, nature hikes, beach excursions, and more. All the while you'll spot exotic animals as you traverse some of the most virgin rainforest landscapes in Central America.

Best Adventure Activities in Costa Rica

More than a quarter of Costa Rica’s total area is made up of national parks and protected rainforests making it a popular travel destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Below, we’ve put together a list of adventure activities to consider when visiting the nation of “pura vida” (pure life).

A Costa Rican Beach at Sunset
Costa Rica's Best Beaches

Costa Rica has nearly 300 beaches on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. This ruggedly beautiful nation tempts travelers who want to explore white, black, and pink sands, along with water activities and spectacular natural scenery. Here is a breakdown of the best beaches in Costa Rica divided by region.

Arenal Volcano
Arenal Expedition - 4 Days

This itinerary is one of the shortest, yet action-packed option, for travelers looking for a compact Costa Rica experience. Zip-line, rappel and horseback ride your way throughout the Arenal region and enjoy some of the best natural views the country has to offer.

Costa Rica's surf spots draw surfers from around the world
Best Water Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica certainly lives up to its name (literally 'Rich Coast'), blessed as it is with miles of beaches on both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The country has long recognized the value of preserving its stunning environmental assets, making this relatively diminutive nation a leader in conservation. As one of the happy consequences, Costa Rica's rivers, lakes, and seas provide abundant opportunity for endless outdoor adventures.

Getting started!
Costa Rica Coast to Coast: Biking, Hiking, Rafting and Kayaking - 12 Days

This is experience is a must for any serious adventurer, a coast to coast crossing totally powered on human muscle - no motorized vehicles! Starting at the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and ending on the Caribbean coast. Bike, hike, and raft past hundreds of miles of scenery that define Costa Rica as the world's premier destination for eco-tourism, all while challenging yourself like never before.