Travel Advice for Norway

The National Theater in Oslo
Oslo Like a Local

Oslo, Norway's capital, is one of the fastest-changing cities around. The population — and a diverse one at that — is booming, but its humble, Scandinavian roots remain strong. With new restaurants popping up every month, an artistic movement experiencing a renaissance, and a history that's steps from downtown, the only way to do Oslo is like a local.

An aerial view of Bergen from Mt. Fløyen
Bergen Like a Local

How many cities can you name that sit along a fjord, in the mountains, surrounded by islands? If you've been to Bergen, your answer is probably one. It's a microcosm of all Norway's best scenery with a dash of both traditional and contemporary culture. The city, though world-class, has humble, unpretentious roots — and the only way to do it is like a local.

Besseggen, Norway
Ultimate Guide to Multi-Day Hiking in Norway

Phone off, out-of-office reply on. When it comes to long-distance hikes, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better country than Norway. With cozy, for-public-use cabins dotting the hills and a landscape that just won't quit, this could be the excuse you've been waiting for.

How to Tour Norway

Norway is big enough to have something for every kind of traveler: fjords and mountains, glittering coastline, cities packed with culture. How best to see it all is up to you. Whether you’re joining a group or going solo, hiring a guide for some or all of the trip, here’s how to tour Norway, your way.

Chasing the auroras, Norway
Northern Lights in the Alta Region: How to Beat the Crowds

There's a wrong way to see the Northern Lights: hopping on a giant tour bus with cameras flashing and a cacophony of "oohs" and "ahhs" interrupting your moment with Mother Nature. Ditch the crowds and have a memorable experience viewing the auroras in peace — it just takes a little research and know-how.

Sustainable Travel in Norway

Norwegians have always been stewards of the environment, and as a country, they have pioneered modes of sustainability that took other nations generations to implement. Simply put: Norway knows that their land is their greatest asset, and they want to make sure everyone enjoys, respects, and protects it as much as they do. Here’s where to go and what to do to travel responsibly and sustainably in Norway.

Planning Your Honeymoon in Norway

Stunning vistas, monumental peaks, pristine coastline: for outdoorsy couples who want a week of post-nuptial bliss involving more than lying on a beach, Norway is the perfect honeymoon destination. Here are a few suggestions for you and your soulmate to explore this truly magical country.

Ultimate Guide to Photography in Norway

So, you came to Norway to see the fjords, ski the snowy peaks, and gaze over the edges of cliffs at the stunning vistas below? Sure you did, but let’s be honest: you're really here to take photos of it all. Read on for tips on when, where, and how to take swoon-worthy snapshots of your next trip to Norway.

Hiking one of Norway's peaks
Where to Hike in Norway: 4 Regions To Know

A guide to hiking in Norway is akin to swimming in the Pacific — where do you even begin to explore? What ground you decide to cover will depend on your endurance level, the season, and how much time you have. Stunning views are around every corner; here, nature is left at its most pristine. Hiking is one of Norway's most beloved pastimes, and this is why.

Cycling along Norway's fjords
Ultimate Guide to Biking in Norway

Even from behind windows and on four wheels, Norway is already jaw-dropping. But from two wheels, feeling the warm sunlight on your skin and rush of cool air? Unbelievable. Cycling across Norway is slowly catching on, and there are routes to be conquered and explored all across the country - read on for some of the best.

Ultimate Guide to Kayaking & Rafting in Norway

Zipping over bubbling rapids, deftly navigating narrow inlets, skirting the edge of awe-inspiring gorges, and doing it all at warp speed: these are the thrills that draw kayakers and rafters to some of Norway’s most picturesque, challenging rivers and coasts. Here’s where to go for an unforgettable experience on the water.

Luxury Travel in Norway

It’s already a luxury to be in a country this beautiful, but if you’re looking to take your trip from merely memorable to truly lavish, there are plenty of private tours, personalized experiences and high-end lodging options that will really up the wow factor.

Life on the edge, Fjord Norway
How to Spend 10 Days in Norway

With nearly 60,000 miles of coastline (including the islands), Norway is the longest country in Europe — and one of the most beautiful. The list of ways you could spend your time here is as long as your imagination, so get inspired with one of these incredible ten-day itinerary ideas.

Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Top Lapland and Northern Norway Winter Experiences

Only those looking for true adventure are suited for a trip to Northern Norway and (just across the border) Finnish Lapland in winter. The Arctic Circle admits few through its snowy doors, but if your name is on the list, you'll be escorted into another world. A world of surprises, a world of adrenaline, and a world of stories to tell.

How to Experience Kjerag, Pulpit Rock, and Trolltunga Like a Local

The three most photogenic rock formations in Norway are drawing more in-the-know travelers than ever, and with good reason. Fantastic hiking, beautiful photo ops, and proximity to a charming harbor town make this trifecta a worthy (and crowded) destination - but with some planning, you can still have an experience all your own.

How to Spend Two Weeks in Norway

You could spend a whole year in Norway and barely scratch the surface of its expansive beauty. Try one of these comprehensive seasonal itineraries instead — you'll get acquainted with the country's nature, culture, and history in just two summer or winter weeks.

How to Spend One Week in Norway

Norway is a dream destination — unbelievably scenic, packed with cultural experiences, and big enough to spend a lifetime exploring. But what if you only have a week to spend? Try one of these expertly crafted itineraries to maximize your exploration while getting intimately familiar with the region that's right for you.

Borgund Stave Church, Borgund, Norway
Guide to Norway's Best Cultural and Historical Experiences

A thousand years ago, Norway's influence stretched across all of Europe — did you know that even Dublin was a Viking town? Now, its surprisingly global past can still be seen in its landscape, museums, and churches. Here are just a few of Norway's best historical experiences.

Aerial view into the Geirangerfjord
Ultimate Guide to Norway's Fjords

There is perhaps no place on Earth that can rival the beauty of Norway's fjords — as if Odin himself carved out mountains, splattered waterfalls on his canvas, and then flooded his own work into the Norwegian Sea. Each spot will seem more beautiful than the where do you choose to start?

Ultimate Guide to Ski Touring in Norway

Snow, mountains, and a culture that worships the outdoors: all perfect ingredients for an ideal ski vacation. Norway is full of great places to hit the slopes, and most of them offer cozy to luxurious lodging options, intriguing in-between activities, and landscapes that are really something to write home about.

How to Spend 5 Days in Norway

Norway may have 63,000 miles of coastline and endless countryside to explore, but you don't need to see it all to have an amazing experience. Whether your priorities lie in the dramatic southern fjords, coastal islands, cultural cities, or small fishing villages, it's easy to craft a satisfying itinerary that takes less than a week to complete. Get inspired by these unique itineraries for your 5-day trip to Norway.

Ålesund, Norway
Norway: Frequently Asked Questions

A country as varied as Norway naturally leads to many possibilities — and plenty of questions. Though you may know enough about Oslo or Bergen, what's a vacation like in the villages? On the fjords? Up north to the Arctic Circle? Preparation is key for any vacation to go off without a hitch, so here are the basics for your first trip to Norway.

A grass-roofed hytte, Western Norway
Family Travel in Norway's Countryside

Norway's cities may be an obvious choice for a family trip — museums, history, the works — but its countryside may have even more to offer. In an age where screens abound, a different way of life still exists in the Norway's small towns and natural areas. Here are a few ideas for taking your family through this beautiful country's less-trodden landscape.

Unique Lodging Options in Norway

Planning a trip to Norway? Make the most of your visit with a standout stay in one of these alternatives to traditional hotels. Spend an unforgettable night in a lighthouse, igloo, or fisherman's cabin, and you'll definitely have something to write home about.

Northern Lights in Norway: What To Know & Where To Go

Viewing the Northern Lights is an experience like no other, and Norway is the perfect destination for travelers keen on seeing it for themselves. Read on for the best places to witness this awe-inspiring phenomenon, along with some tips for planning your adventure.

Dog Sledding in Northern Norway: 3 Multi-Day Itineraries

Dog sledding through the wonderland of Norway's winter landscape is a classic Scandinavian experience. Combine this uniquely thrilling activity with overnight camping the traditional Sami way for an unforgettable adventure - all during the best season for spotting the Northern Lights.

Norway from the air
Five Places in Norway that Most Travelers Miss (But Shouldn't)

From fjords to mountains, waterfalls to fishing villages, Norway is as picturesque as a country can be. More and more travelers are discovering the offerings of this Scandinavian nation, but most stick to the tourist track. Head off the beaten path to find solitude and scenery in these lesser-known locales.

Top 5 Norway Experiences in Winter

At a glance, Norway may not seem like a winter destination — but when the snow hits, its lush landscapes truly turn wild. With fewer crowds to share the wilderness and the Northern Lights dancing overhead, there may be no better season to pay Norway a visit.

Top Norway Experiences in Summer

With its lush landscape and truly endless days of summer, Norway is a prime destination for mid-year travels. Hike among fjords, visit quaint towns, and stay up late to experience the magic of a never-setting sun.

Beautiful view over magical Geirangerfjord
How Many Days Should You Spend in Norway?

With such a wide range of options to explore, Norway can easily keep most travelers occupied for weeks if not months. That being said, an epic itinerary can easily be created which much less time. We recommend at least five days to really delve into Norway. Don’t worry if you have less time though. Shorter visits are still feasible but should be focused on one or two specific areas. If you have more than a week, you can include remote areas like the Lofoten Islands or Svalbard.

Stunning Geirangerfjord
When Is The Best Time of Year To Visit Norway?

Despite its northerly location, Norway is an amazing destination any time of year. Summer months bring the endless daylight of the Midnight Sun as well as warmer temperatures, making June-August the busiest season. However, winter time (Oct - Mar) is equally stunning offering the opportunity to view the Northern Lights. And for those looking to avoid other tourists, spring and fall are by far the quietest months with a more temperate climate.

Getting Off-the-Beaten-Path in Norway

Looking to get off-the-beaten-path in Norway? Here are a number of great ways to experience Norway like a local, from lesser-known coastal regions to scenic train routes to local festivals that celebrate Norway's history and culture.