Arabic Calligraphy Workshop in Tinejdad

About one hour's drive from Tinghir is the small city of Tinejdad. Here, you'll meet with a local artist and enjoy lunch and an Arabic calligraphy workshop. The word calligraphy means "beautiful writing," which couldn't be more true for written Arabic. The Arab world considers Arabic calligraphy (also known as Islamic calligraphy) a prestigious form of fine art, upholding its reputation for over two thousand years.

With the help of your host, you'll learn about the history of this art form and how it's still so ingrained in the local culture. You'll also learn about the different types of Arabic calligraphy, including contemporary forms and those used during the Ottoman Empire. Then, you'll discover the tools necessary to create the calligraphy. You'll use special ink and pens as you learn the basics of this written language, then try it on your own!

Afterward, visit the artist's small museum featuring Berber instruments and a personal collection of Berber items. 

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