Cruise in the Bay of Marseille & View Château d’If, Marseille


Enjoy a cruise through the Port of Marseille with a stopover on the island of If to visit the mythical Chateau d'If. For 2,600 years, the Phocean city of Marseille has been the reflection of French history. As you cruise out along the port, enjoy the views of the city's host of monuments, dominated by the benevolent and emblematic Bonne Mère, the basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde, and the Lacydon (ancient Ligure divinity). You can discover the old ports, but also the Vallon des Auffres, a typical rocky inlet that sheltered fishermen coming from Genoa with their colored boats, traditionally called Le Pointu.

The beautiful landscape keeps going with L'Anse de Malmousque, a very picturesque calanque (inlet) with pretty Provençal houses surrounding a little port, then the Chateau d'If that Alexandre Dumas made internationally famous through the fictional epic of The Count of Monte-Cristo.

Finally, you'll reach the Archipel du Frioul, a chalky archipelago off the coast of Marseille with sharp reliefs. These numerous calanques have been used as anchorage from 49 BCE for Jules Caesar's flotilla. You'll sail by several, including Port Miou, Port Pin, En Vau, l'Oule, Devenson, l'Oeil de Verre, Suguiton, and Morgiou.

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