Culture and Tasting Tour of Lyon, Lyon


Set in eastern France on the Rhône and Saône rivers, Lyon is a grand foodie city in a famously food-centric nation. However, there is much more to this metropolis than a rich culinary heritage. Lyon enjoys about 2,000 years of history, dating back to when it was a provincial capital in the Ancient Roman region of Gaul. That history continued through the middle ages and the Renaissance, and there are vestiges of all of it even today on Lyon's streets.  

This experience reveals Lyon's history, culture—and yes, flavors—on a walking tour of the city. It covers much ground, from the historic Presqu’île (peninsula) heart of the town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to the alleyways and Renaissance-era mansions of Vieux-Lyon (Lyon Old Town), located on the quays of the River Saône. It's in these alleys of Old Lyon where the foodie tour begins, as a local guide recounts the city's gastronomic heritage via culinary anecdotes. Then, enjoy tastings at the Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, a labyrinthine municipal market with various food stalls delighting all taste buds.

Next is a visit to the historic Croix-Rousse neighborhood, which abounds with colorful houses and tree-filled plazas. This area is the heart of the weaver's district, and beyond food, the most lasting cultural legacy in Lyon is that of silk weaving (silk and textiles were the region's biggest industry in the 19th century). Indeed, many houses in this riverfront neighborhood were formerly weavers workshops. The end of this tour involves a visit to a functioning seminar that culminates with a silk printing demonstration.

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