Discover Lyon on e-Bike , Lyon


Lyon sits at the junction of the Rhône and Saône Rivers, creating scenic bike paths perfect for city exploration. First, get suited with all your gear, including an easy-to-use e-bike that will allow you to zip up hills without much effort. Then, you'll set off on two wheels to discover Lyon’s most famous sites!
Lyon is known as the capital of the Gauls, an ancient region of Europe known as Roman Gaul. To get your bearings and learn more about the city's unique origins, you'll cycle along Rhône’s banks on a recently renovated bike path. Follow your guide as you buzz through the city's history and discover its historic Old Town and picturesque squares while listening to quirky anecdotes.

Highlights of the tour include the scenic banks of the Saône River, Golden Head Park, and Bellecour Square.

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