Explore the Fortified Town of Taroudant

Enjoy free time to explore the town of Taroudant, known as the "Grandmother of Marrakech." Its surrounding ramparts and historic Medina, the town's highlight, make it look like a mini version of bustling Marrakech. And similar to the big city, it has much to see within its walls.

Start in the Medina (old town) and admire the old walls and gates, such as Bab Selsla, Bab Targont, and Bab Ouled Bounouna. You can walk or rent a bike to take you around the perimeter of the walled town. Then head into the souks (markets). You'll find a variety of crafts to explore, especially metal goods made with silver and copper. Enjoy perusing the artisan shops featuring ceramics, jewelry, leather goods, weaved baskets and rugs, clothing, and more. 

You'll also find tanneries similar to those in Fes and Marrakech. These small workshops include various dye pools, where artisans strip fur and soak hides in different colors for multiple days. You may see some nearly finished products hanging on lines or laying atop roofs to dry. Some craftspeople keep the fur, so you'll also view products made from fluffy sheep and colorful cow skin. 

Stop for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants or cafes, or sip on a glass of mint tea in one of the hotel gardens. If you'd like to explore a bit outside of Taroudant, you can visit Agadir Tasguent. An easy hike takes you to an old fortress with exceptional views. Or visit the mansion, Palais Claudio Bravo. Now a hotel and restaurant, it was once the home of Claudio Bravo, a Chilean artist. View artifacts, interesting interiors, serene gardens, and some of the artist's paintings.

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Itineraries with Explore the Fortified Town of Taroudant

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This relaxed itinerary takes you on an off-the-beaten-path exploration of Morocco's culture and landscapes. Explore the bustle and history of Marrakech, then travel through the Atlas Mountains. You'll go on an off-road adventure and will discover breathtaking scenery at Morocco's tallest waterfalls. Climb aboard a camel to trek out into the desert, where you'll camp for the night. Then discover Taroudant, a fortified town with great shopping and souks that are easier to navigate than those in bigger cities. You'll end your trip in Essaouira, a gorgeous seaside escape where you can relax and tuck into fresh local seafood.