Free Day in Ait Bougumez

Located in the central High Atlas Mountains east of Marrakech, Ait Bougmez Valley is unspoiled nature at its best! It's often compared to the majesty of the Himalayan Mountains, with lush orchards and green pastures surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. It's quite different from the typical Moroccan imagery of barren beauty.

Enjoy exploring the valley's small towns, with their mud-brick houses scattered throughout the valley to enhance its idyllic atmosphere. You'll spend the day immersed in the heart of the valley of Ait Bougmez and its traditions in the village of Imelghas.

Itineraries with Free Day in Ait Bougumez

Marrakech, Atlas Mountains, and Essaouira - 9 Days

This relaxed itinerary takes you on an off-the-beaten-path exploration of Morocco's culture and landscapes. Explore the bustle and history of Marrakech, then travel through the Atlas Mountains. You'll go on an off-road adventure and will discover breathtaking scenery at Morocco's tallest waterfalls. Climb aboard a camel to trek out into the desert, where you'll camp for the night. Then discover Taroudant, a fortified town with great shopping and souks that are easier to navigate than those in bigger cities. You'll end your trip in Essaouira, a gorgeous seaside escape where you can relax and tuck into fresh local seafood.