Hiking in Landmannalaugar

Set within the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in Iceland's southern highlands, Landmannalaugar is a popular hiking destination known for its various trails. You'll find incredibly scenic routes set amongst colorful rhyolite mountains, blue lakes, and geothermal hot springs—truly a hiker's paradise! It's just about 2.5 hours from Reykjavík.

There are various driving routes to Landmannalaugar, all reachable by Iceland's network of gravel mountain roads, often called F-roads. The easiest one avoids a river crossing yet offers impressive views of the Thjorsa Valley and several waterfalls, including Haifoss. The other scenic route takes you through the spooky Domadalur "Valley of Doom," but requires a couple of river crossings. Either way, the paths eventually converge as you pass Ljotipollur and Frostastadavatn Lakes.

Upon arrival in Landmannalaugar, purchase the official hiking map and choose from many exciting options. Even the short routes give you incredible views of the surrounding landscapes! Some popular hikes include Brennisteinsalda (the red mountain) and Blahnukur (the blue mountain), both offering an optional dip in the natural geothermal hot pool by the hut. If the sky is clear, then the view from Blahnukur is simply astonishing!

Landmannalaugar is also the starting point of the 33-mile (54-km) multi-day hut-to-hut Laugavegur Hike. The huts along the way are located at the dark edge of the rhyolite lava field called Laugahraun, close to a few hot springs, which create excellent bathing conditions in a natural brook. You can stay overnight at either the campsite or in the huts.

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