Icelandic Sea Monster Museum in the Westfjords

The Sea Monsters Museum
If you like folklore, Iceland has plenty to go around! Tales of sea monsters have played a vivid role in Icelandic folk culture for centuries, and experts have found thousands of written accounts all around the country. Today, these equivocal creatures (that many eyewitnesses still claim to appear in Arnarfjörður) have a worthy home at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum. Located in the Westfjords coastal village of Búðardalur, on the shores of Arnarfjörður fjord, many consider the area to be one of the most prolific centers of monster activity in Iceland.

The Sea Monster Museum brings these remarkable creations to life through a stimulating mix of words, images, and videos. This action-packed display culminates in a spectacular interactive experience, the first of its kind in Iceland. You'll hear from many eyewitnesses and academic experts who speak about the theories and nature of sea monsters. At the same time, a variety of relics and artifacts relating to this mysterious branch of zoology appear throughout the museum as evidence for the monsters' existence.

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