Medellín City Tour

Plaza Botero, downtown Medellín
The city of Medellín, located in central Colombia's Antioquia region, is a true global success story. Once plagued by cartel violence, over the past 20 years it has turned itself around to become a model of safety, boasting a mass-transit system second to none. 

This six-hour tour begins in Medellín's downtown with a visit to Plaza Botero, which features works by Colombia's foremost sculptor, Fernando Botero. The artist himself donated 23 of his iconic bronze sculptures, with pieces showcasing the exaggerated forms of everything from horses to cats to nude men, women, and even Roman soldiers. 

Then it's time for a ride on the city's iconic Metrocable, a system of gondolas that feature panoramic views of Medellín through their wraparound windows. At their highest point, it's possible to see out from over the working-class comunas in the northern hills of the city all the way to upscale shopping malls of the south. Many of the comunas that the Merocable serves have been the subject of community revitalization projects. The tour includes a visit to some of these rehabilitated neighborhoods to get a sense of the local lifestyle and see some graffiti street art. 

The final stop is the Botanical Garden, home to more than 4,500 types of flowers. This large 34-acre municipal garden boasts other attractive features including a lily pond, a butterfly enclosure, and an impressive Orchideorama—an orchid display whose giant wooden mesh support structures also filter rainwater to the thirsty flowers.

Intineraries with Medellín City Tour

Colombia's Culture & Archaeology Tour - 14 Days

From the up-and-coming city of Medellín to the lush green mountains of Colombia's coffee region and world-class archaeological sites, this fascinating two-week journey covers major highlights and off-the-beaten-path destinations of Colombia's rich interior. This trip is ideal for travellers who don’t mind skipping the coast and instead want a mix of outdoor and cultural adventures, like hiking in the Andes, salsa dancing with locals, and horseback riding in the desert, to name a few.

Discover Colombia's Cities - 10 Days

Perfect for travelers who love urban energy and culture, this fast-paced itinerary highlights four awesome Colombian cities: Bogotá, Medellín, Santa Marta, and Cartagena — each with their own special qualities and vibes. Too much city? You'll visit a coffee farm in the Andes and hike through a rainforest for a dose of beach and Caribbean Sea to round out this fun adventure.

Colombia's Wild Pacific Coast - 10 Days

South America's undiscovered region of El Chocó on the Pacific Ocean takes center stage in this unique 10-day itinerary. You'll begin (and end) the trip in Colombia's dazzling up-and-coming city of Medellín before flying to Bahía Solano where you'll explore the massive Utría National Park. Then fly to Nuquí for three days of canoe rides, hiking, cooking with locals, and soaking in hot springs, all the while looking for humpback whales, dolphins, and sea turtles close to shore.

Medellín, Bogotá and the Zona Cafetera - 7 Days

On this fun and fast-paced 7-day tour, you'll experience two of Latin America’s most exciting cities, stay overnight on a working coffee farm, and hike the Andean foothills. The trip starts in Medellín, the scenic metropolis fast on the rise after a turbulent past. You’ll then head into the heart of Colombia's coffee triangle, where you’ll explore the charming town of Salento and tour a working finca (coffee farm) — an industry that has embraced tourism with open arms. You’ll also hike the jaw-dropping green mountains in Valle de Cocora before finishing the trip in Colombia’s sophisticated urban capital.

Discover Colombia's Great Cities - 14 Days

From the buzzing nightlife of Bogotá to the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Medellín and romance of Cartagena's Old Town, this well-rounded journey covers Colombia's best urban highlights, and yet breaks it up with outdoorsy adventures along the way. Starting in the capital, the two-week adventure is ideal for travelers who want to experience culture and historic sights, but who are also enticed by hiking in coffee fields, exploring a rainforest on the Caribbean Coast, and relaxing on white-sand beaches.

Colombia's Urban Walking Tour: Bogotá & Medellín - 7 Days

City slickers who like to hoof it will love this weeklong itinerary in Colombia spotlighting two of Latin America’s most exciting (and mountainous) hubs. The trip starts in the sophisticated capital of Bogotá where you'll have time to soak in the culture, restaurants and nightlife. From here, take a day-trip to the highlands to visit the region's salt mines. Next, it's a flight to Medellín, the scenic metropolis in the midst of a transformation after a turbulent past. With year-round spring temps and a free metrocable, there's plenty to see and do. Take a hike in lakeside Guatapé to round out this fun adventure.

Explore Medellín & the Caribbean Coast - 10 Days

This cultural, yet outdoorsy Colombian adventure starts off in one of Latin America's most striking and up-and-coming cities — Medellín — safe for travelers after a turbulent past. Enjoy the constant spring-like weather while exploring vibrant neighborhoods by foot and gondola before flying north to the Caribbean coast. From Santa Marta, relax on the beaches and trails of Tayrona Park and then head for the cobblestoned streets of Cartagena's inner-walled city, oozing with Spanish colonial romance and history.

Medellín, Zona Cafetera & Cartagena - 7 Days

This classic itinerary covers Colombia's Zona Cafetera (coffee zone), bookended by two of Latin America’s most exciting cities. The adventure starts in striking Medellín, where you'll explore this up-and-coming metropolis with a local guide. You'll then drive to the heart of the coffee region and stay overnight at a working farm. Enjoy a day in Salento with a guided hike through stunning green mountains before flying north to Cartagena, where you'll have time to hit the narrow streets of this colonial inner-walled city. Conclude your week with a free day on the coast — perhaps a speedboat ride to the Rosario Islands for white-sand beaches.

Colombia's Culture & Nature Tour - 14 Days

Perfect for first-timers, this smart, action-packed itinerary begins in the cosmopolitan capital of Bogotá and then makes its way to the Caribbean coast. Along the route, you'll drive through the Andean highlands visiting preserved colonial towns, fly to the up-and-coming city of Medellín — and then hike through Tayrona Park to get to white-sand beaches and turquoise sea. Spend your last three nights in the romantic UNESCO-listed Old Town of Cartagena, founded in 1533.

Cartagena, Flower Festival, and the Colombian Amazon - 11 Days

Colombia's heritage extends from the shores of the Caribbean to the rainforests of the Amazon. This unique 11-day itinerary hinges on an event which takes place in Medellín every August: the Batalla de Flores, or "Festival of the Flowers," is one of the biggest spectacles in the entire country. So set aside some time at the end of summer and prepare for an excursion that you won't soon forget.

Medellín & the Andes - 4 Days

This fun 4-day jaunt spotlights one of Latin America’s most exciting cities -- perfect for travelers who love urban energy and culture. Set against the Andes mountain range, Medellín is a scenic metropolis fast on the rise with walkable neighborhoods, a free gondola, and year-round spring weather. After a few days exploring the city, you'll drive into the lush green countryside and visit an authentic coffee finca (farm), before returning to Medellín's cool bars and restaurants.

Trekking Colombia's Camino Verde - 8 Days

This active adventure includes an epic 3-day trek in central Colombia's rainforests. Reward your effort with a visit to Medellín, a hip city with dependable weather and a thriving culinary scene. End the week with trips to a coffee farm and the picturesque lakeside town of Guatapé. You'll enjoy the steep climb up La Piedra Rock, where you'll be greeted with panoramic views.

Colombia Nature and Culture Tour - 10 Days

This all-encompassing itinerary combines Colombia's popular attractions with some roads less traveled. You'll begin your journey in the "city of the eternal spring," Medellín, and visit El Peñon de Guatape, a landmark granite rock jutting hundreds of feet out of the ground. If you're a caffeine lover, get ready to visit Colombia's mountainous Coffee Region. You'll embark from this area and hike, mountain bike, and birdwatch through the adjacent sub-Andean forests. Next it's off to the indigenous archeological site of Tierradentro, with its ancient underground burial chambers. Learn about the civilization who built them, then end your stay in the southern colonial town of Popayán.

Colombia Adventure: Zona Cafetera to the Caribbean Coast - 15 Days

Your journey starts in the heart of Colombia's Coffee Region, where you'll overnight on a working coffee farm. From there, head to the reborn metropolis of Medellín, a city whose reputation as a global hotspot is enhanced by its rising culinary and art scene. Then, it's time for a bit of nature as you embark on a rafting trip down the Río Verde and end your adventure on the Caribbean coast where you'll explore Cartagena and nearby islands.

Medellín and the Caribbean Coast - 6 Days

What's better than immersing yourself in the culture, cuisine, and nightlife of one famous Colombian city? Doing so in two famous Colombian cities. In less than a week you'll get to do just that, starting in the "city of the eternal spring," Medellín. Enjoy the trendy restaurants and cocktail lounges of this revitalized metropolis. Then, fly to Cartagena—a well-preserved fortress city and a throwback to a time when the kingdom of Spain ruled the New World. Snap photos as you wander its colonial streets, sample the fresh seafood and visit the nearby Rosario Islands.

Colombia's River & City Adventure - 8 Days

This 8-day adventure combines river rafting in the heart of the rainforest with two of Colombia's cities. Start with a night in Cocorná, before heading to the jungle for three days of hiking, swimming, and paddling. Then, on to Medellín and Cartagena for the second half of your trip—here, you'll explore the culture and romance of each city, and enjoy a relaxing beach day on the Caribbean sea.

Colombia Adventure: Zona Cafetera, Tayrona Park, & Caribbean Coast - 15 Days

Depending on personal preference, some folks like rugged activity on their vacation while others prefer relaxing on white-sand beaches fronting crystalline waters. Others opt for the museums and nightlife found in more cosmopolitan destinations. We wonder why not enjoy it all? That's just what this itinerary offers: city life, culture, the great outdoors and plenty of time to relax.

Discover Bogotá & Medellín - 6 Days

For travelers who love urban energy and metropolitan culture, this six-day jaunt is for you. It highlights two of Latin America’s most exciting cities—Bogotá and Medellín. You'll kick things off in the capital, Bogotá, where you can explore cobbled colonial streets, visit Pre-Columbian museums, and enjoy a thriving nightlife scene. Then, fly to Medellín, a revitalized metropolis best viewed from above—by scenic gondola car. Due to its mid-range altitude, the city enjoys a perpetual spring-like climate, so count on some delicious weather. Then there's all those hip bars and restaurants in the trendy El Poblado district that are begging to be enjoyed. Yes, six days is enough to live it all.

Camino Verde and Tayrona Park Hiking Adventure - 13 Days

This active 13-day adventure combines the epic Camino Verde trek in central Colombia's rainforests with one of South America's most exciting and fascinating cities. Cradled in a fertile valley in the Andes, Medellín is best explored by foot and gondola, where you can observe the sprawling metropolis from high overhead. In a blink, you'll go from city streets to the surrounding countryside. After completing the three-day Camino Verde trek, reward yourself with time to explore the trails and relax on the incomparable beaches of Tayrona National Park.

Adventure in Colombia's Cities & Rivers - 12 Days

Travelers who like to be on the move can check off three cities on this whirlwind 12-day tour starting with Bogotá's Spanish colonial sites and buzzing nightlife. You'll then fly to Medellín — a city with a rising culinary and art scene, as well as constant spring-like weather. Take a couple of days to experience the excitement of whitewater rafting on the Rio Verde before heading to the Caribbean Coast. You'll spend a couple of days exploring Tayrona National Park before ending the trip exploring Cartagena's inner-walled city and taking a day trip to explore the nearby Rosario Islands.

Colombia's Coffee, Whitewater, and Caribbean Islands Adventure - 13 Days

With 13 days you can experience all of the highlights Colombia is renowned for throughout the world. Your journey starts in the heart of Colombia's Coffee Region, where you'll overnight on a working coffee farm. From there, head to the reborn metropolis of Medellín, a city whose reputation as a global hotspot is enhanced by its rising culinary and art scene. Then, it's time for a bit of nature as you embark on a rafting trip down the Río Verde and end your adventure on the Caribbean coast where you'll explore Cartagena and nearby islands.