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Perfume Tour of Grasse


The Provence region of southeastern France is the picture of French bucolic life, with its tiny hill-top villages like Fayence, Seillans, Tourette, and others. It's also home to the famous French Riveria, and in the hills north of Cannes, you'll find Grasse, a charming village that happens to be the world's perfume capital. A walking tour of Grasse includes a visit to its historic city center where shops and vendors deal in the region's culinary specialties like Provencal stew, aioli, anchoïade, herbes de Provence, olive oil, truffle, figs, honey, and more. And then there's all that great Provençal wine!

But the real art of Grasse is found in its perfume industry. This is the town's heritage, a local legacy since the 18th century that's defined by luxury, refinement, and the supreme quality of ingredients used to make Grasse's famous fragrances. This artisanal trade has been passed down over generations and is revealed in its many perfumeries.

The tour continues with a visit to one of the premier perfumeries in town, Galimard. With a fragrance expert leading the way, you'll craft your own perfume, selecting the "notes" (scents) and combining them on a specialized perfumer's organ to create your perfect signature scent. You'll work with 18 fragrances classified in three categories representing the olfactory pyramid. Galimard will then register your unique formula so you can order your perfume even after returning home.

Afterward, enjoy a visit to Maison's museum and artisanal soap factory, complemented with a champagne tasting.

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