Visit the Market Towns of Rissani & Erfoud

Walk the Markets of Rissani and Erfoud
While exploring the Moroccan Desert, stop in two cultural hotspots: the towns of Rissani and Erfoud. Set next to one another, they make the perfect cultural exploration, especially when traveling between Merzouga and Fes or Merzouga and Marrakech

You'll enter the market town of Rissani through its impressive gate. Known for its livestock auction, spend some time observing the beloved donkey "parking lot" and walking around the town's popular market. Maison Tuareg is a storehouse filled with traditional arts and crafts, including carpets, jewelry, leather goods, and more. 

Erfoud is another bustling market town famous for its annual Date Festival, fossil mining, and artisan factories. You can visit a local artisan collective to learn about the fossils found in the area. Watch the full process of how the fossil-rich rock transforms into beautiful objects.

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