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Audrey Benezech

I was born in the south of France, a region lulled by the mild climate and rich in different cultures and traditions.
This diversity is what I look for when I travel. These differences that make us so close when we take the time to meet.
Thus, authenticity, local cultures often allied in France to food and wine, architecture, history, landscapes are as many elements present in my daily life as during my stays abroad.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Passionate, I have always wanted my clients to live their stays as real experiences.
In addition to the must-see sites, each destination is rich in local culture and little-known treasures. It is these diversities that I strive to include in each program, in order to offer authentic and unforgettable stays.
I regularly visit the different regions of France in order to find new inspirations to offer to my clients.
Moreover, my attraction for quality accommodation, for charm and authenticity, has led me to look for various hotel structures in order to meet the precise expectations of travellers.
For more than 10 years now, it has always been a real pleasure to share my knowledge and expertise in order to create for each traveller a stay that suits him or her!"

How did you get involved in travel?

"After several trips to alpine resorts, the idea of going to work in Asia always present in my mind as I fell in love with Asia a long time ago, I responded to the announcement of a tour operator based in New Delhi.
Hired after various interviews, I left for Delhi where I learned the job of a tailor-made travel consultant and incoming agent as we were organising tailor-made trips to India.
After 2 years in India, I continued this experience in Switzerland and then in Paris for several years before deciding to become expert on France as destination.
Today I organize tailor-made trips for foreign clients wishing to discover France and I love to make these trips unforgettable experiences!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"If I had to name just one experience, I would choose my stay in Sumatra. Passionate about animals, meeting the Orangutangs was one of my dreams. So in 2016 I went alone to the Sumatra jungle to do one of the most difficult but also one of the most motivating trek of my life, and this dream became one of the most beautiful days of my life."

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