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Catherine Currie

I love to travel! I've been doing it since I was a child! My father took me to the greatest adventures around the world and I realized how every place and every person you meet, is a part of a whole that enriches your life.

Originally from Santiago Chile, Futaleufu in northern Patagonia was as a second home to me. I never could get tired of its beauty and keep going back every year until I was old enough to guide. What struck me the most, was to realize that sharing with others the magnificence of that piece of heaven, was a life-changing experience for them, which made me feel I was doing a real contribution.

I think that traveling is the best investment a person can do, the memories, the experiences, the learnings are simply invaluable. I haven't stopped traveling since I was 10 years old. First crazy expeditions with my family (imagine whitewater rafting at the age of 10!) then with my husband, and now with my two kids. I certainly will never stop!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Futaleufu Valley in northern Patagonia. All kinds of multisport trips which includes rafting, trekking kayaking, zip-line, tyrolean, canyoneering, cliff-jumping, climbing, rappelling, among others. For couples, solo travelers, groups or families. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I'm very fortunate. I'm from a family of adventurers. My dad got involved with adventure travel when I was 5 years old and from that moment he couldn't help to transmit his love for traveling. He took me to different countries where I rafted, hiked, camped, and lived the most amazing adventures a child (and a grown-up) could ask for.

When I was 15, I went to a guide school in the US and from there I started guiding trekking trips in Futaleufu. I kept guiding all the way through school and when I finished, I stopped and went to work for a multinational company in the sales department.

After a few years, I realized I wanted to do something meaningful (like the kind of life-changing impact I was part of when I was guiding) and decided to partner with the best companion of adventures I ever had: My dad.

Since then, we have been working together, showing to the rest of the world one of the most beautiful places on earth, becoming part of their meaningful stories, and actively protecting the area for future generations."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I was on a rafting trip in Tibet down the Yangtze river, totally disconnected from the world due to the places we were visiting were accessible only by the river. The locals were amazed and intrigued by this big flotant device full of people dress in silly costumes (life jackets, helmets, etc.). In every little village, we entered they received us with open arms, invited us to their homes and offered us the little they had (I wonder now who were the ones that had "little"). I was so impressed with their kind heart. One day, we were going up to a monastery and I started to feel very sick, I couldn't keep going on my own and magically, knocking down all the cultural and linguistic differences, a bunch of little kids realize I needed help and start pulling me from my hands and pushing me from my but so to be able to get to the top of the mountain. I was so inspired by them, their love for a stranger, their disposition to help.

I learn that travel connects us with others, with ourselves. And I understood I wanted to be those little kids, helping strangers and becoming part of their story."

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