This short trip packs in a lot of adventure - trekking, kayaking, rafting, and canyoneering - plus sleeping in some beautiful and unique locations. With ample time devoted to training, travelers of all levels of experience will get the most out of this itinerary. From canyons and kilometer-long rapids to hiking in the forest and spending the night in a tree house, experience the best of northern Patagonia.


  • Raft and kayak some of the most pristine rivers in Chile
  • Stay in a tree house and soak in riverside hot tubs
  • Hike through peaceful Andean forests
  • Go canyoneering through spectacular gorges and canyons

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Esquel - Rafting training - Terminator Camp
Day 2 Kayaking Espolon River - Trekking to Tree House Camp
Day 3 Trekking - Rafting - Kayaking - The Nuns Camp
Day 4 Canyoneering - Rafting - The Nuns Camp
Day 5 The Nuns Camp - Esquel

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Esquel - Rafting training - Terminator Camp

Rafting on the Futaleufú River

We will start the day driving from Esquel to Futaleufú. After a one-hour drive, we will arrive at Chilean border and see the dramatic change of scenery between the two countries. Once at Futaleufú, we will see how the landscape changes as we enter the heart of the Andes. The contrast between the snow-capped peaks, the green vegetation, and the crystalline water of the river is an impressive spectacle.

Later, we will have our training day. A very exciting section of the river with rapids of varying difficulty will allow us to train and prepare for the challenges of the rest of the adventure. After all the action, we head to our camp, located alongside one of the most famous rapids of the river: Terminator. There we can relax and enjoy a good meal and the hot tub overlooking the almost one kilometer-long rapid.

Day 2: Kayaking Espolon River - Trekking to Tree House Camp

Tree House Camp

The day starts with the enjoyment of taking our kayaks down the Espolon River, a perfect place for beginners. Later, hike up to the Tree House Camp, while enjoying spectacular views all along the way. Upon arrival, we will find ourselves in a unique place. A lake high in the Andes surrounded by forest and a series of tree houses interconnected by bridges will be our playground for the day. Here we will eat lunch and have time to swim in the lake, go kayaking, or relax at the hot tub right next to the lake. You'll also have the option of hiking up to Condor Hill, where sightings of its namesake bird are very common. Native to Chile, condors have a wingspan of over 10 feet!

Day 3: Trekking - Rafting - Kayaking - The Nuns Camp

Rafting down a beautiful Andean river

Start the day hiking down to the banks of the river, enjoying the beautiful views of the valley, its mountains and the river in the distance. After, we will raft an entertaining section of the Fu', with class 4 and 4+ rapids, until we reach our lunch spot. In the afternoon, and after a short hike, we will use inflatable kayaks to go down the Rio Azul, which runs through a beautiful canyon and meets the Futaleufu.  From there, we will keep kayaking until our next camp: The Nuns. Once there, we will have time to relax and enjoy the cliffside hot tub that overlooks the river and its landmark mountains.

Day 4: Canyoneering - Rafting - The Nuns Camp

Rafting some challenging rapids

The last day of our adventure begins with canyoneering in Arroyo Blanco (White Creek). The creek runs through a spectacular canyon of white granite and turquoise water, which we will traverse on foot until we reach a waterfall. Later, we will face the biggest whitewater day of our trip. We will start by rafting one of the most famous rapids of the Fu', Terminator, which you've seen earlier on this trip. We then continue with a series of highly entertaining and challenging rapids.

After lunch, we will keep rafting until the rapids are finally over. It will be an action-packed experience full of excitement, adrenaline, and fun! After an intense day on the water, we return to our camp to relax and enjoy a well-deserved Patagonian asado (lamb barbecue).

Day 5: The Nuns Camp - Esquel

View of the Nuns Mountains

From the Nuns Camp, we will drive to the Chaiten Airport to catch the flight back to Buenos Aires. Along the way, enjoy the scenery and incredible beauty of the area for the final time.