Arrive in the Argentinian Patagonia and experience the wildest landscapes of South America. Journey to Los Glaciares and encounter the impressive and monumental glacier, Perito Moreno. Delight in an expedition with good quality accommodation and appreciate some of the most natural environments on planet earth.


  • Arrive at El Calafate and enjoy the Glacier museum plus 'Glacio Bar'
  • See the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Journey the graceful road to El Chalten & Mt. Fitz Roy
  • Hike to Laguna Capri and Laguna Los Tres
  • Trek on the Cerro Torre trail to Laguna Torre


A stunning week including the best treks and tours around Calafate and El Chalten. You'll trek to Mt. Fitz Roy, passing by glaciers, lagoons, streams, flora, and fauna in the wilderness of Patagonia. This tour is suited for all ages, and will enable you to get the most from your time here in Argentinian Patagonia.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Journey to Argentina and exploring El Calafate

A view of the Valley to come in the days ahead. El Chalten

If you finish your trek in Torres del Paine, you can continue your adventure in Argentinian Patagonia …

You’ll head to Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. The day starts early in the morning with a hearty breakfast before making your way to Cerro Castillo at 6:30 am, then boarding the bus which will take you across the border to Argentina!*

You'll continue across the Argentinian pampas until your arrival at El Calafate, a beautiful, small town located just outside of Los Glaciares National Park.

If you want to start in Argentinian Patagonia, you can fly straight into El Calafate itself, where you will be collected on arrival and taken to your hotel to check in. Here you'll have the entire day to explore the town and enjoy its restaurants and artisanal handicraft markets.

Optional: During the afternoon, you will have the chance to take a self-guided tour to Calafate’s Glaciarium Museum and Ice Bar. The Glaciarium is a modern research center devoted to the Patagonian Icefield and its glaciers. It is one of the only glaciological research centers of its kind in the world. From there, you can visit the ‘GlacioBar’, which is constructed entirely of ice, and taste the chill of glacier ice cubes swimming around in your favorite drink.

*We strongly advise you to research Argentinian border-crossing regulations beforehand. There may be a fee to pay for some nationalities to cross.

Day 2: Perito Moreno (Glacier) - Los Glaciares National Park

Perito Moreno Glacier

After an early breakfast, you’ll drive approximately 80 km through the beautiful Andean foothills, along the south bank of Lake Argentino. After crossing the River Centinela and Mitre, you'll enter at Brazo Rico to Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981 and home to one of the most awe inspiring landscapes in Argentina.

Enjoy stunning views of the glacier from the nearby walking trail and viewing platforms where you can appreciate the height of its massive ice walls, which are 60 m high and extend to 100 m below lake level. If you have the time, you may be able to witness the rupture of the glacier, which is a phenomenal mechanism that starts as the glacier moves to the front of the peninsula of Magallanes until it forms a natural dike of ice.

This construction blocks the drainage of water from the Rio Arm to the Channel of the Tempanos. As the waters of the Rio Arm exert pressure on the wall of the glacier, a cylinder of ice is formed that allows for water flow between the bodies of water once more. Finally, this tunnel of ice collapses. The whole cycle can last from 1 to 2 days and offers an incredible show of singular beauty. Once it is complete, two basins obstruct the channel and the whole evolution begins again.

Day 3: The Patagonian Adventure Starts - Los Glaciares National Park

The road to El Chalten

From Calafate, you will cross the Argentinian Patagonia to El Chalten, a small town surrounded by rocky mountains. A paradise for rock climbers from all over the world, it's also known for its good wine, craft beers, and food. The town is located next to Los Glaciares National Park, found right at the foot of the imperial Mount Fitz Roy.

Your drive will take you across isolated dirt roads through the pampas and along the northern side of Viedma Lake. Once you are checked in to your hotel in El Chaltén, it’s time to rest and prepare for the upcoming days

Day 4: Laguna Los Tres - Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Laguna Los Tres

Today you'll trek to Laguna Los Tres, enjoying a stunning view of Mount Fitz Roy - the ultimate landmark of Los Glaciares National Park. You'll begin your hike by heading towards Laguna Capri, passing its northern corner. Then you'll follow the Fitz Roy Trail up to Blanco River, passing the mountaineering camp, Poicenot.

Finally, a short steep trail will take you to Laguna de Los Tres, where you will be lucky enough to witness one of the park’s most marvelous natural scenes - the turquoise-blue lagoon bordered by Fitz Roy’s spires, turrets, and glaciers. Afterward, you'll hike back to Laguna Capri and continue along the trail back to tiny Chaltén.

Day 5: Hike to Laguna Torre - Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Laguna La Torre

Today, you'll embark upon a full day hike along the Cerro Torre trail to Laguna Torre, a shimmering mountain lake with the magnificent Mount Torre looming behind. Straight after breakfast, you'll be walking eastwards through beech forests, towards Fitz Roy River.

You will continue towards Base Camp de Agostini and then take a short hike to Laguna Torre, admiring the western view of Cerro Torre and the Adela range. Here, you'll be met by icebergs floating on Laguna Torre as the gusty wind sets them drifting towards the coast. You can stop at various points to appreciate the views and enjoy a local picnic.

Later, you will return to Chaltén, returning along the same trail. Once back, you are free to enjoy a dinner at one of Chaltén’s restaurants before returning to your hotel for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Day 6: Loma del Pliegue Tumbado

Laguna Toro

Another great trek option for this tour is to approach a 360° viewpoint by way of a lesser used trail within the national park. It's from this point you are able to appreciate the gorges & lowlands of Fitz Roy, Torre and Toro, the Patagonian steppe and the infinite Lake Viedma. On the last leg of this way you'll walk along a very different mountain topography; where you'll be able to see indigenous alpine flora, and search for marine fossils.

Leaving El Chaltén on the path that follows towards Laguna Toro. Walking for about an hour, you'll arrive at an exposed area with a great view of Mount Fitz Roy, Torre and Huemul. You'll advance the hike across the Pampas, locally known as “Pampa de las Carretas”. Then, passing through diverse parts of the woods you'll hear many birds, inviting you to discover and identify assorted species of birds that inhabit this environment.

Departing the forest (about 1000masl) you'll start to walk across an alpine type region, where delicate flowers grow. In this segment of the trek, where snow is a possibility, it's possible to find the remains of marine fossils such as ammonites and belemnites that are thought to be around 100 million years old.

In this ultimate section you might also experience the Patagonian wind, which is just as much part of the trek! Finally you'll reach the viewpoint - at almost 1500 masl. This vista offers an unorthodox and unique view of the Torre and Fitz Roy massifs.

After a great lunch with an unforgettable viewpoint, you'll return to El Chaltén

Day 7: Transfer out to Calafate Airport & Adiós!

El Calafate

Today marks the end of our incredible trip! Adiós Patagonia, hopefully, we’ll meet again. After having breakfast, a transfer will take you to Calafate airport. It's never goodbye, only until the next time!


Map of Patagonia: El Chalten - 7 Days
Map of Patagonia: El Chalten - 7 Days