You'll be amazed at just how many adrenaline-inducing activities fit into one 5-day itinerary in Northern Patagonia. Float down serene rivers and hurtle over rapids; jump from cliffs and zip-line over the water; stay in comfortable camps and soak in riverside hot tubs. This area of Patagonia is an adventure wonderland, and you won't waste a minute.


  • Raft Class 5 rapids at Inferno Canyon
  • Cross the raging Futaleufú River by pulley
  • Soak in hot tubs overlooking the river
  • Try rock climbing, rappelling, and cliff jumping

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Puerto Montt - Chaiten - Rafting training - Terminator Camp
Day 2 Rafting Inferno Canyon - Tyrolean - Zip line - Cave Camp
Day 3 Rock Climbing - Rappel - Cliff jumping - Cave Camp
Day 4 Rafting to Terminator Camp
Day 5 Terminator Camp - Chaiten - Puerto Montt

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Puerto Montt to Terminator Camp

Rafting the Futaleufú

From Puerto Montt, board a plane for a spectacular flight to the town of Chaiten. From there, head to Futaleufú on a scenic road that leads from the ocean to the mountains. Along the way, see how the landscape changes as you travel into the heart of the Andes. The contrast between the snow-capped peaks, green vegetation and crystalline water of the river is an impressive spectacle.

After arriving at Futaleufú you will have your training day. A very exciting section of the river with several rapids of different levels of difficulty will allow you to train for the challenges of the rest of the adventure. Once you've got the hang of everything, head to camp, which is located alongside one of the most famous rapids of the river. There you can relax and enjoy a good meal and take a soak in the hot tub.

Day 2: Rafting Inferno Canyon and Zipline

Ziplining over the river

On your second day, enter Inferno Canyon, one of the most challenging portions of the river. This striking canyon has impressive Class 5 rapids. From there, continue floating down the river to your next destination, Cave Camp. Cross the Futaleufú River on a pulley system suspended over the most dramatic rapid of the river: Zeta Rapid. Here the Fu' narrows and is forced between two rock walls. Zip your way across the river - it'll almost feel like you're sliding over the water! 

Tonight, relax in a hot tub overlooking the Futaleufú and have a large meal to recover your strength.

Day 3: Rock Climbing, Rappeling, and Cliff Jumping


In the morning,  take part in a rock climbing excursion, eventually reaching the top of a tall formation from which spectacular 360º views of the landscape can be enjoyed. Then, rappel down a 300-foot granite wall. This morning's climbing and rappelling activities have been carefully designed so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy them successfully. In the afternoon there's plenty of free time, so you can enjoy any number of activities in and around the camp like jumping into the river (from as high as 40 feet!) or simply chilling out at the little blue lake, sandy beach, or either of the luxurious hot tubs.

Day 4: Rafting to Terminator Camp

Enjoy floating down the river

Start early for a full day of water activities. In the morning, raft an entertaining section of the river with Class 4 and 4+ rapids until reaching the lunch spot. From there, continue rafting until coming across the famous Terminator Rapid, which runs for an entire impressive kilometer. It's also one of the most challenging on the trip. After the adventure, return to camp to relax at the hot tub, listening to the sound of the rapid rushing past. Enjoy a well-deserved Patagonian asado (lamb barbecue).

Day 5: Departure to Puerto Montt

Farewell to Patagonia

From Terminator Camp, drive to the Chaiten Airport to catch a flight back to Puerto Montt. Along the way, enjoy the scenery one last time.


Map of Caves and Waves in Northern Patagonia - 5 Days
Map of Caves and Waves in Northern Patagonia - 5 Days