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Our team consists of expert guides with experience from all over the world. Our lead guide, Robert Currie, has spent 25 years doing expeditions in the area and holds the record for most descents of the Futaleufu River. His deep knowledge of the river has given us the ability to design trips that respond efficiently to the needs of our guests and provide an experience where security is at the center of every activity.

We have four private camps in key locations of the valley, providing variety and exclusiveness to our trips. Each camp is carefully designed to ensure that there is harmony with the environment and to avoid impact on the river’s viewshed. Each camp provides unique views of the Futaleufu and its surroundings, filling us with wonder and connecting us to nature.

Futaleufu Adventure is aware of the importance of interacting with the environment in a responsible way and contributing to building a better world. In addition to having an unforgettable experience through our unique trips in Patagonia, your trip will also support efforts to preserve this beautiful watershed. Our founder is constantly involved in conservation efforts and you will be to! Your trip contributes directly to protect the Futaleufu so it can be enjoyed by present and future generations.

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Trekking & Watersports in Northern Patagonia - 7 Days
Trekking & Watersports in Northern Patagonia - 7 Days

This weeklong trip packs in a lot of adventure—trekking, kayaking, rafting, and canyoneering—plus sleeping in some beautiful and unique locations. With ample time devoted to training, travelers of all levels of experience will get the most out of this itinerary. From canyons and rapids to hiking in the forest and spending the night in a tree house, experience the best of northern Patagonia.

Caves & Waves in Northern Patagonia - 6 Days
Caves & Waves in Northern Patagonia - 6 Days

You'll be amazed at just how many adrenaline-inducing activities you can fit into a 6-day itinerary in Northern Patagonia. Float down serene rivers and hurtle over rapids; jump from cliffs and zip-line over the water; stay in comfortable camps and soak in riverside hot tubs. This area of Patagonia is an adventure wonderland, and you won't want to waste a minute.

Trekking Northern Patagonia - 9 Days
Trekking Northern Patagonia - 9 Days

Northern Patagonia is full of beautiful scenery, and there's no better way to experience it than trekking. This 9-day itinerary is based around hiking, and also incorporates a number of other outdoor activities, such as kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing, and canyoneering. It's said that a change is as good as a rest, and this action-packed trip is sure to invigorate you long after you return home.

Futaleufu, one of the world's greatest rivers
Futaleufu River Rafting Multisport Adventure - 9 Days

Breathtaking glaciers, waterfalls, and mountain ranges are what Patagonia is all about. But the icing on the cake? Getting right into the thick of this nature by rafting, kayaking, and hiking your way through it. This 9-day itinerary is non-stop action, yet also caters to all levels and is perfect for groups of friends or adventurous families. Just bring your daredevil spirit and prepare to be amazed.

Sunset over Lake Pehoe in Southern Patagonia.
Top 10 Regions in Chile: Where to Go & What to See

A magnet for nature lovers, Chile has a little of everything, from ice-capped volcanoes to lush rain forests. The diversity of its landscapes and vast size offer limitless adventures: trekking past glaciers and soaring Patagonian peaks, watching sunsets over otherworldly desert valleys, and basking in mountain hot springs or on a white-sand beach after long days of exploring. The following is a list of the country’s top 10 regions to visit when traveling one of the world’s longest countries.