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I’m the CEO and Founder of Storywalking, an Italian tour operator. Storywalking sprang from my yearlong exploration of Italy from top to bottom, delving into unusual urban and rural attractions, sights, crafts, workshops, kitchens - out-of-the-way places that tourism generally ignores. With tours throughout Italy, we operate under the premise that most people prefer unhurried, satisfying immersive experiences to viewing Italy from a van!

Guided by personable experts, travelers come to know Italy’s creative heart and passionate soul, exploring its nooks and crannies while listening to commentary and stories that bring places to life. Details are everything in this anecdotal approach. It leans more to illuminate the present and the past and less to recitations of building dimensions, dates, and genealogies.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"On paper, Storywalking is an Italian tour operator that organizes FITs and small group tours throughout Italy. But we are much more than that! We specialize in taking open-to-anything, curious visitors to unique, less-visited places. If we were from a fairytale, we would have a lot in common with Peter Pan and Mary Poppins!

Naturally, we can take you to see all the precious gems of our history and heritage – the Colosseum, the canals of Venice, the Da Vincis, the Caravaggios, the soaring cathedrals, the sparkling lakes. But we can also take you beyond, to the Italy best seen at a walking pace, with time to point out details that enrich the story and deepen the plot. With the “big picture” visible in the background, Storywalking focuses on the vignettes and images, the relationships and experiences that form the truly ‘aha’ moments, whether in grand famous spots or in tiny villages. With so much discovery at hand, we also never forget to pause for an espresso or an aperitivo."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have always loved sharing the Italian beauties with my family and friends ever since I was a child. That’s why I studied Art History in Rome, and I have been dedicating my time discovering the best-hidden spots as well as food delicacies. I think that Italy is unique in its heritage, food, and traditions: they change from one region to another where you will always experience something different.

That’s why I have always believed that Italy is not only the Colosseum, Florence, etc...Italy is mainly what you see in the surroundings of these most visited cities. That's how our Storywalking company started: meeting locals, having the chance to visit something new, and living authentic experiences are what our customers love most. Storywalking means walking through local stories."

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