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Based in Rome, Valeria specializes in: Leisure, Art, History, Local Culture, Food and Wine, Nature, Hiking, Family tours, Luxury Travel, Honeymooners
Recent family traveler reviews for Valeria
Carol R. (Children's ages: 8, 11)
Canada | Reviewed on Mar 10, 2024
“From the planning stage to our final day, the expertise of our Italy travel specialists Valeria and Deborah, personal concierge Roberta, private hiking guide Laura, boat skipper Tony, and Milan transfer drivers (with particular shout-out to Andrii who provided my evening transport due to my air travel arrival delay) were all fabulously fun, attentive and accommodating.” See review
Dr. D. (Children's ages: 14, 17)
Sarasota, FL | Reviewed on Aug 13, 2023
Valeria and Deborah pulled off a minor miracle in re-organizing almost our entire itinerary at the last minute (like the night before we were to leave the US).” See review
Marcus S. (Children's ages: 12, 15, 16)
Sarasota, FL | Reviewed on Aug 10, 2023
Valeria, Deborah and Daniela were amazing.” See review
Valeria's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Syros, Cyclades islands, Greece, Tasos specializes in: cultural trips, food & wine, nature appreciation, mild adventure, road trips, city discovery, profile-based custom-made trips
Recent family traveler reviews for Tasos
Amy H.
Newark, NJ | Reviewed on Dec 06, 2023
“The trip was extraordinary thanks to Tasos and his team really listening to what we wanted (and making recommendations for things we wouldn't even know about).” See review
April H. (Children's ages: 7, 14)
Phoenixville, PA | Reviewed on Aug 06, 2023
Tasos, KimKim, Travel 12, were all so helpful.” See review
Carole D. (Children's ages: 13, 17)
Arvada, CO | Reviewed on Aug 21, 2023
“Having worked with Tasos and his group once before, we were not at all surprised to have had such a memorable and wonderful trip to Italy.” See review
Tasos's favorite itineraries for families

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Based in Italy, Arianna specializes in: Gastronomic tours, Food culture, Authentic experiences, Local producers, Visits & Tastings, Custom-made Trips, Roots Tourism
Recent family traveler reviews for Arianna
Hector V. (Children's ages: 12, 17)
Corona, CA | Reviewed on Dec 19, 2023
Arianna took care us through out the whole trip by making sure that our connections with our transportations and tour guides were on point during the entire trip.” See review
Vincent L. (Children's ages: 5, 5, 8)
the Mauritius | Reviewed on Sep 19, 2023
“Wonderful trip planned with Arianna!” See review
Joann M. (Children's ages: 14, 16, 16, 17)
Bridgeton, NJ | Reviewed on Aug 11, 2023
Arianna, our local specialist, was not only knowledgeable, she was extremely patient, totally professional, and tremendously helpful.” See review
Arianna's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Como, Italy, Fabio specializes in: Culinary Expeditions, Wine Tours and Tastings, Cultural Encounters, Luxury Retreats, Custom Tailoring
Recent family traveler reviews for Fabio
Jennifer R. (Child's age: 14)
Ossining, NY | Reviewed on Apr 06, 2024
Fabio did such a fantastic job for us.” See review
Eugenia P. (Child's age: 14)
Belleville, IL | Reviewed on Jul 30, 2023
Fabio helped us plan a 10 day trip to Italy in the middle of July for my family of 5.” See review
Alissa P. (Children's ages: 2, 4)
Newport News, VA | Reviewed on Jul 05, 2023
“We owe a huge thank you to our trip planner, problem fixer and behind the scenes guide Fabio.” See review
Fabio's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Athens, Eleni specializes in: Family & kids
Recent family traveler reviews for Eleni
jennifer o. (Children's ages: 14, 14)
Denver, CO | Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024
Eleni and her team were incredible!” See review
Sonal B. (Children's ages: 10, 13)
Chicago, IL | Reviewed on Apr 02, 2024
“I don't know how Eleni coordinated all of this to make it a reality, but we had so much fun and felt so taken care of, and it was the most incredible week!” See review
Sheetal G. (Children's ages: 10, 15, 16)
Marquette, MI | Reviewed on Aug 23, 2023
“From the first email correspondence with Eleni, it was clear she was in tune to what my family of 5 wanted to experience on this trip.” See review
Eleni's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Italy, Jessica specializes in: Food & Wine, Culture & Art, Discovering Hidden Gems, Gastronomic trips, Custom made trips, Cultural trips, Local experience trips, Awe-inspiring trips, LGBTQ+, roots tourism
Recent family traveler reviews for Jessica
Eileen S. (Children's ages: 11, 14, 15)
Manhattan, NY | Reviewed on Aug 31, 2022
Jessica helped us book a sensible itinerary, with stays at boutique hotels (often recently renovated) that we would not have easily found ourselves.” See review
sangita s. (Children's ages: 11, 14)
Briarwood, NY | Reviewed on Aug 10, 2022
“This was our first time using kimkim and Jessica from Storywalking.” See review
Stephan J. M. (Child's age: 17)
High Falls, NY | Reviewed on Aug 01, 2022
“Words can't describe just how excellent Jessica and the kimkim team were in making our trip to Italy unforgettable.” See review
Jessica's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Athens, Greece, Irene specializes in: road trips, cultural travel, wine & food travel, ecotourism, agritourism, tailor-made trips
Recent family traveler reviews for Irene
David M. (Children's ages: 13, 15, 17)
Scotch Plains, NJ | Reviewed on Jul 17, 2023
“The booking process was easy w the help of Irene.” See review
virginia s.
Howell, AR | Reviewed on Jul 09, 2023
Irene worked with me to create a personal Greek vacation that fit my requirements of visiting a few islands during my time.” See review
Mary Jean B. (Child's age: 11)
Cornelius, NC | Reviewed on Jul 09, 2023
“I started working with Irene in November planning a trip to Greece with our 12 year old granddaughter!” See review
Irene's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Turin, Italy, Andrea specializes in: Local Experiences, Custom Made Tours, Luxury, Couples
Recent family traveler reviews for Andrea
Lisa V. (Children's ages: 10, 13)
Ashburn, VA | Reviewed on Mar 29, 2024
Andrea did a great job putting everything we wanted to do together!” See review
Vidya S. (Child's age: 17)
Plainville, CT | Reviewed on Jul 18, 2023
Andrea was phenomenal and worked with me to plan out a detailed itinerary.” See review
Tanya A. (Children's ages: 15, 16)
Santa Barbara, CA | Reviewed on Jul 13, 2023
Andrea was very patient with us when we called with questions.” See review
Andrea's favorite itineraries for families

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