With thousands of years of cultural and culinary history, Italy offers plenty to take in. In 10 days, you can choose to go deep on a particular region or hop between the high points. If you prefer the latter, check out our spin through Venice, Florence, and Rome ideal for school-age children, or take babies and toddlers to Rome and Sorrento with the help of private tours. If you'd rather specialize, try a road trip through Tuscany and Lakes Como and Garda or an adventure trip that will see you sailing over Tuscany and Veneto via bike, hot air balloon, and more.

Itinerary #1: Family Highlights of Venice, Florence, and Rome

School-age children can get introduced to some of the high points of Italy on this itinerary. You'll participate in scavenger hunts that follow in famous footsteps, make your own gelato, hunt for treasure in the Vatican, and more.

Trevi Fountain in Rome
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Venice, Walking Tour in Marco Polo's Footsteps, Private Gondola Ride Venice
Day 2 Venetian Mask Painting & Family Scavenger Hunt in the Doge’s Palace Venice
Day 3 Venetian Islands Boat Tour & Murano Scavenger Hunt Venice
Day 4 Venice to Florence Florence
Day 5 Parks of Florence, Afternoon Gelato-Making Class Florence
Day 6 Florence to Rome, Family-Friendly Rome by Golf Cart Rome
Day 7 Treasure Hunt in the Colosseum & Roman Forum Rome
Day 8 Mosaic & Fresco Workshop, Vatican Highlights Treasure Hunt Rome
Day 9 Family Food Tour & Pizza-Making Class, Parks & Hills of Rome Rome
Day 10 Depart Rome  


Your trip starts on the waterways of Venice, where you'll follow in Marco Polo's footsteps on a scavenger hunt and coast through the canals on your own private gondola ride. Create your own Carnival mask in an artist's atelier and explore the passages of the Doge's Palace, then set out into the Lagoon to visit the islands of Murano and Burano, where you'll learn all about their signature glassblowing and lacemaking.

Stop in Florence next, where you'll explore this Renaissance city's parks and learn how to make gelato, its signature confection. From there, your trip wraps up in Rome. Take an easy tour of the Eternal City's landmarks via a golf cart, hunt for secrets in the Colosseum and Roman Forum, and find the treasures of the Vatican. You'll learn to make pizza, mosaics, and more before you return home. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Family Road Trip to Florence, Chianti, the Italian Riviera, and the Lakes

Find your own route through northern Italy on this self-directed road trip itinerary. You'll explore the hills of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera seaside, and the shores of Lake Como and Lake Garda with plenty of time to control your own schedule and sightseeing.

Sunset over Lake Garda
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Florence Florence
Day 2 Florence to Chianti Chianti
Day 3 Explore Tuscany Chianti
Day 4 Chianti to Italian Riviera Italian Riviera
Day 5 Explore the Italian Riviera Italian Riviera
Day 6 Italian Riviera to Lake Como, Como, Bellagio & Villas Boat Tour Lake Como
Day 7 Explore Lake Como Lake Como
Day 8 Lake Como to Lake Garda, West Lake Garda & Sirmione Boat Tour Lake Garda
Day 9 Explore Lake Garda Lake Garda
Day 10 Depart Florence  


A self-drive road trip is ideal for families with slightly older children who want to take charge of their agenda. Get introduced to the Tuscan lifestyle in Florence and Chianti, where you'll explore gardens, small towns, and the rolling countryside. There's more than just wine to be found here. After you've visited Chianti's villages and castles, you'll head to the Italian Riviera. Start in the port city of Genoa, then venture along the coast from Sestri Levante to the Portofino National Park, where fishing villages, hiking trails, and local specialties like pesto and stuffed pasta abound.

It's off to the lakeside from there, beginning with luxurious Lake Como. Take a semi-private cruise past expansive villas, colorful towns, and highly curated gardens, followed by a free day to explore at your leisure. Your last stop is Lake Garda, considered Italy's most family-friendly lake. Its shores are lined with parks, cable cars, and other attractions that you'll learn all about on a three-hour boat tour, with stops along the way for swimming and exploring. Hike along its many trails or visit some museums before you return to Florence to depart. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Active Adventures in Venice, Lake Garda, and Siena

Get on the move with this trip, as older teens in search of adventure and the perfect Instagram background will particularly enjoy this itinerary. Whether you're paddling a gondola through the canals of Venice, biking the gardens of Lake Garda, or flying over the Tuscan countryside in a hot air balloon, the perfect photo is just a snap away.

Say hello to Venice
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Venice & Gondola Paddling Venice
Day 2 Venetian Mask Workshop, Doge's Palace & Secret Passages of St. Mark's Basilica Venice
Day 3 Bike Tour on Lido Island, Visit Murano & Burano Venice
Day 4 Venice to Lake Garda via Verona, West Lake Garda & Sirmione Boat Tour Lake Garda
Day 5 Explore Lake Garda Lake Garda
Day 6 Bike & Picnic in Sigurtà Park Lake Garda
Day 7 Lake Garda to Siena via Florence Siena
Day 8 Ballooning Over Chianti With Wagon Ride & Picnic Siena
Day 9 Tuscan Drive & Hiking the Siena Pilgrim Path Siena
Day 10 Siena to Florence & Depart  


Start off in Venice, where you'll learn to paddle like a gondolier, craft Carnival masks, and navigate the secret passages beneath the Doge's Palace. Wander through the alleys in search of the perfect ciccheti (basically Venetian tapas) before you head into the Lagoon, home to glassmaking on Murano and lacemaking on Burano, and take a bike tour on Lido island that will have you pedaling past beaches, glamorous 1920s hotels, and the San Nicolò Natural Reserve.

After Venice, head to Lake Garda. You'll stop in Verona on your way, where you can walk around the city center and stops like Juliet's Balcony. Once you get to Garda, cruise around the lake for three hours to see some of its most popular spots, then return to your favorites on a free day. Hop back on a bicycle to explore Sigurtà Park and the medieval village of Borghetto before you leave Lake Garda's shores for the walled city of Siena. You'll stop in Florence first, taking an afternoon to explore the Renaissance art and culture or more modern street art—and stop for a gelato—before you reach Siena. You'll explore Tuscany with a flight over the countryside on a hot air balloon ride, a vineyard drive, and a trek along the ancient Via Francigena pilgrimage trail once written about by Dante Alighieri (did your teen pay attention in English class?). Circle back to Florence for your departure. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Southern Italy With Small Children

Private tours and plenty of free time make this itinerary ideal for parents of children too small to engage on their own. You'll see the Colosseum and Vatican at your own pace, lounge on the beaches of Sorrento, and then practice kneading pizza dough together in Naples.

Take a peek at Rome
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rome & Family-Friendly Rome By Golf Cart Rome
Day 2 Private Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour Rome
Day 3 Parks of Rome & Private Vatican Guided Tour Rome
Day 4 Rome to Sorrento Sorrento
Day 5 Beach Day in Sorrento Sorrento
Day 6 Amalfi Coast Boat Tour Sorrento
Day 7 Sorrento to Naples & Guided Tour of Pompeii Naples
Day 8 Neapolitan Pizza-Making Class Naples
Day 9 Ischia and Procida by Ferry Naples
Day 10 Depart Naples  


Start off in Rome, where private tours will take you through Roman hotspots while staying flexible for baby's schedule. You'll ride a golf cart past Santa Maria Maggiore, Campo de Fiori, and the Circus Maximus before you head out on foot for a visit to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum. These three sites were the main hubs of politics, commerce, and social activity in Rome, and your guide will tell you all about them. Relax in the parks before you embark on a tour of the Vatican that can be tailored to your interests and schedule, including the famous Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica.

From there you'll head to the shores of Sorrento. Sit in the Piazza Tasso and watch as people pass through the square, or claim a sunbed on the busy main beaches. If you're in search of something with a little more solitude, there are plenty of secret beaches waiting for you. Take a boat tour down the Amalfi Coast to pay a visit to Amalfi and Positano before you make your way to Naples. Along the way, you'll make a stop in the historic site of Pompeii, where a tour specifically designed for families will take you to the highlights and help keep toddlers engaged. Once you get to Naples, learn how to make pizza the way it was originally envisioned and explore the streets of this busy port city. Hop aboard a ferry to visit the beautiful vacation islands of Ischia and Procida before you leave Italy. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Italy - 4 Family-Friendly Itineraries
Map of 10 Days in Italy - 4 Family-Friendly Itineraries