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Linda Schulz

Originally from Germany, I have traveled around the world and lived in Australia, Bangladesh, and finally Ecuador. Ecuador is such a diverse and beautiful country, so I soon fell deeply in love with it. From rainforest to the highest volcanoes - there is something for everyone. I've lived here for 5 years now, and I am enjoying every day in this small but megadiverse country.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We specialize in Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. From trekking or climbing tours in the Andes up to adventurous days in the Amazon rainforest - everything is possible! Our goal is to convert travelers from passive consumers into active participants. Our tours are tailor-made and adjust to the wishes and preferences of our guests. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"As a child, I dreamed about distant places and other cultures. I wanted to explore everything and see the farthest corners of our planet. So I took the first chance and my backpack and went to Australia. Since then, my love for traveling has only grown, and I have visited several more countries around the globe. For me, traveling is about widening your horizons, seeing the world with other eyes, and meeting the most fascinating people. I want to share my experiences to create the same happiness that I have felt in other travelers. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"There are just too many life-changing travel experiences to pick just one! It is everything: from a simple, pure-hearted smile of a local up to a multi-week road trip through the Outback without running water and electricity. While traveling, every single day you make memories you will never forget. "

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Viewing giant tortoises in their native habitat is a highlight of the Galapagos.
Galapagos Cruise: Wildlife Watching, Snorkeling & Hiking - 11 Days

Cruising around the Galapagos Islands — viewing extraordinary wildlife and natural sights by day while motoring between islands at night — is one of the best ways to experience these magical islands. On this tour, you'll visit 11 islands in the famed archipelago, observing birdlife, sea lions, marine iguanas, sharks, giant tortoises and an array of other creatures.

Quito in the foreground with an erupting Cotopaxi volcano in the distance.
How Many Days Should You Spend In Ecuador

Ecuador is a country that packs enormous diversity into a small area so it's ideal to visit for a short trip. You can spend a long weekend exploring Quito and the mountains, stay for a week venturing into the Amazon jungle or cruising the Galapagos, or spend two weeks climbing volcanoes, exploring cloud forest and enjoying adventure sports before relaxing on the Pacific beaches. Whatever your preference, use this guide to help you make the most of your visit.

Best Time of Year to Visit Ecuador: Seasons, Travel Tips, and More

On the northwestern side of South America, straddling the equator, Ecuador contains a remarkably diverse range of landscapes, altitudes, and climates. Despite their great variations, the country’s highlands, rainforests, beaches and far-flung islands are all rewarding places to visit throughout the year.

Tiny Tortoises of the Santa Cruz Breeding Center, Galapagos
Quito & the Galapagos Islands - 8 Days

An 8-day adventure in Ecuador, starting and ending in Quito. During this trip, you'll get to explore Quito, the Otavalo indigenous market, and the beautiful Galapagos Islands, possibly the best-preserved national park in the world.