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Olivier Levasseur

Born in Annecy, I'm a trekking guide and guided more than 10 years, first in the Alps, then world wide. Now at the office designing and organising mountain trips in the Alps for french and world wide clients. This also allows me time to get outdoor.
My favourite activity is ski touring and I love to share and design all kind of trips in my favourite places for anyone.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I'm specialized in
- Hikking / trekking in summer
- Climbing / Mountaneering in summer
- Ski touring in winter
...and all over the Alps from the mediterranean sea to the Dolomites (including France, Switzerland and Italy) were my favorite places are Mont-Blanc range, Dolomites (Italy) and Wallis (Switzerland)


How did you get involved in travel?

"I started as a trekking guide in "my" french in the Aravis, then a little bit further, around Mont-Blanc or Matterhorn and Val d'Aoste. I worked then as a tour leader all over the world and especially in New-Zealand, Nepal, and Patagonia.

Even if I had the chance to live in different countries I finally came back in my hometown, Annecy. It's just 1hour from Chamonix, best place for skiing and mountaineering and 1 hour from the Italian and Swiss borders....well a great place to live and go hiking, cycling, skiing, climbing, paragliding, kayaking."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"There are so many great experiences traveling, but my best is for sure an "early morning start" to climb a snowy mountain. When the sun appears behind the horizon and you're already high up on the mountain cramponing....some of the best feelings. And if, mother earth gives you the chance to get a low-wind day I like to take off paragliding from the summit :-)
This could happen all over the world....but my favourite place for that is the Mont-Blanc range obviously ;-)"