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We are a group of outdoor adventure professionals focused on highly-personalized experiences for private group and individuals. Our mission is to provide you with a hassle free, safe and memorable experience of Slovenia and it’s surroundings.

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Slovenian Alps: Safety & Preparation
Slovenian Alps: Safety & Preparation

Best to be prepared whenever venturing off into the mountains. Weather and trail conditions are extremely variable in the mountains, not to mention the dangers that come along with technical climbs. Here are few thoughts to keep you safe as you head off to explore the Slovenian Alps.

Adventure in the Slovenian Alps
Mountains of Slovenia: Guide to the Slovenian Alps

The Slovenian Alps are divided into three ranges — the Julian Alps, the Kamnik Alps, and the Karawanks — each with its own unique character. Bordering Austria and Italy, the Slovenian Alps are the most eastern part of the Alps, just as beautiful yet without the crowds, making it all the more appealing to explore!

Best Climbs In The Slovenian Alps
Best Climbs In The Slovenian Alps

The Slovenian Alps are a playground for climbers and hikers alike. You'll have access to convenient mountain huts and a variety of terrain to help find the right climb for you. Below, we've listed a few of our favorite routes for you to choose from.

Top 5 Adventures in Slovenia
Top 5 Adventures in Slovenia

Slovenia is often referred to as Europe's playground for adventure. Offering countless outdoor opportunities, there are few adventures that stand out from the rest. The variety of options highlights the diversity that Slovenia has in store for the avid adventurer. Below, we've put together our 5 favorite outdoor adventures in Slovenia.

A sunrise view in Lake Bled
Highlights of Slovenia - 4 Days

Four days is just enough time to check out Slovenia's unbelievably scenic countryside. This 4-day road trip begins in the lively riverside town of Ljubljana, then heads to the scenic shores of Lake Bled before finishing in the medieval coastal town of Piran. With lakes, mountains, and the Adriatic sea along the route, you'll sample some of the best views and outdoor activities Slovenia has to offer in a short amount of time.

Medieval architecture against a stunning backdrop in Lake Bled
Highlights of Slovenia - 7 Days

Journey through the Slovenian countryside at your own pace with this road trip itinerary. Starting from the laidback riverside cafés of Ljubljana, you'll visit lovely Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and the Goriška Brda wine region. See castles, caves, and the Adriatic coast as you wind through the country, enjoying a full week of Slovenia's best views and outdoor activities.

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Trip to Slovenia · Slovenia - Aug 1 - Aug 6, 2017

Traveler: Mohammed I. - Local specialist: Polona Juricinec Cesen

Monika was the strongest asset here. She knew the country in and out and is an x-pro skil jumper. The rest of the tour team was amazing as well.

Polona, Monika, Ales, and Siggi were all really amazing people to work with. I interacted with all of them via a Whatsapp group chat and they were there anytime I needed anything.