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A new travel company in Slovenia that promotes hiking and climbing in Slovenia's beautiful Alps.

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Thor and Odinn crossing Krossá river
Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure - Day Tour

Drive through rivers, canyons, and highlands to explore one of Iceland's most iconic natural destinations. From imposing glaciers to lush hills, Thorsmork's varied landscape is a sight to behold, and this day-long tour will give you the full experience.

Taking in the view above Slyppugil
Hiking Thorsmork - Day Tour

From striking glacial formations to richly green valleys, Thorsmork offers some of the best views in all of Iceland. On this convenient day trip, you'll get the chance to hike in some of the region's most-visited — and most beautiful — nature reserves.

Bike through rugged terrain
Self-Guided Biking Adventure in Southern Iceland - Day Tour

Discover the incredible landscape of southern Iceland on two wheels on this self-guided day tour. Ideal for those in search of adventure, this biking itinerary is packed with high-energy fun. Enjoy the wide open spaces, cover rugged terrain on a hardy fat bike, and explore the area's natural beauty.

Amazing colors in Landmannalaugar, Iceland
Landmannalaugar - Day Tour

Landmannalaugar is an otherworldly, sprawling landscape of lava fields, geothermal pools, steaming hot springs, volcanoes, and multi-colored mountains. In other words, an exquisite setting for a day trip. This tour offers an excellent introduction to Landmannalaugar and the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in Iceland's remote Central Highlands. Go off the beaten path and spend the day exploring and hiking around the area.

Bright Lights over Hvolsvöllur
Winter Northern Lights Adventure - 4 Days

This 4-day itinerary offers an introduction to the highlights of southern Iceland, keeping the active adventurer in mind. Experience awe-inspiring landscapes like glaciers, lava-flows, cascading waterfalls, and geothermal pools and rivers, ending each day in search of the Northern Lights. Hike, bike, and stroll as you traverse the rugged lands of Iceland, on foot or in a Super Jeep outfitted for the rough terrain.

Un-bridged river crossing in Thorsmork
Iceland Summer South Coast Adventure - 4 Days

Short on time? This jam-packed 4-day adventure tour was designed with you in mind! Experience Iceland's famed, awe-inspiring landscapes, ice walk on a glacier, and off-road in Þórsmörk, the Valley of the Thunder God, Thor. The summer's long hours of sunlight make it easy to pack even more adventure into your stay.

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Trip to slovenia, Slovenia - Aug 1 - Aug 6, 2017

Traveler: Mohammed I. - Local specialist: Polona Juricinec Cesen

Monika was the strongest asset here. She knew the country in and out and is an x-pro skil jumper. The rest of the tour team was amazing as well.

Polona, Monika, Ales, and Siggi were all really amazing people to work with. I interacted with all of them via a Whatsapp group chat and they were there anytime I needed anything.