The Slovenian Alps are divided into three ranges — the Julian Alps, the Kamnik Alps, and the Karawanks — each with its own unique character. Bordering Austria and Italy, the Slovenian Alps are the most eastern part of the Alps, just as beautiful yet without the crowds, making it all the more appealing to explore!


Despite its size, the Slovenian Alps have all the features of the Alps in other parts of Europe but with the benefit of having fewer people. Also, you'll have shorter distances to go between places and activities. Within 2 hours you can drive from the impressive Alp region to the coastline of the Mediterranean sea, and have most summits and areas in a day distance from your base. For longer trips in the mountains, you will have basic mountain huts that provide hot meals and a shop with essentials.

The Julian Alps

Mt. Mangart
Mangart, a mountain in the Julian Alps near the border of Italy

The biggest and the highest range is the Julian Alps, with the highest peak in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav, at 2864 m. 

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The Kamnik Alps

Kamnik Saddle
Kamnik Saddle in the Kamnik Alps

The Kamnik Alps are the second highest range, with Grintovec being the highest mountain (2558 m). They offer a variety of outdoor activities for all skill levels. You can go from an easy hour-long stroll in the valleys up to exciting great quality ridge climbs. The range is known to be more used by the locals in the high season since there is less traffic on the trails. Besides the beautiful peaks, you'll find wildlife and a rich culture of shepherds and architecture.

The Karavanke Range

Stol Mountain, Karavanke Range
Stol Mountain, Karavanke Range

The Karavanke Range is a long chain of mountains that divide Slovenia and Austria. Lacking technical climbs, it's still a great place for day or multi-day hikes.