Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is just 75 miles (121 km) from the seaside town of Piran. The journey, however, isn’t always quick. If you’re looking for speed and convenience, your best bet is to travel by car—rental or private transfer—which takes about 1.5 hours. Renting a car also gives you the freedom to explore Slovenia’s southwest coastal region, as suggested in this 11-day tour that dips across the border and into Croatia. 

With 2-3 hours of travel time, public transportation is a slower alternative. You can opt for the regional bus, or combine the train with a private transfer. Bus departures vary depending on the season, with the last usually leaving around 7:00 pm. The train has three direct routes that get you as far as Koper. From there, 30 more minutes by private transfer will take you to Piran.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 1.5 hours

The most convenient and fastest way to reach Piran from Ljubljana is by rental car or private transfer. And thanks to Slovenia’s modern highway network, you’ll find the journey stress-free with a major roadway leading you straight to the coast. You'll start on highway E61 out of Ljubljana, passing by two of the country's most famous sites: Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle. Both are worth the stop.

You'll eventually connect to highway A1 and drive through the scenic Karst Region passing Skocjan Caves. Near Koper—another scenic port city with a picturesque old town—you'll switch to expressways H5/H6. From here, road 111 takes you the rest of the way to Piran.

Note that parking can be tricky in Piran due to its restricted old town. There are three main parking lots to leave your car: two near the port and the other up by the old walls. Not many lots take cards, so it's best to bring a little cash. If you're staying in Piran, check with your accommodation to see if there is any reserved parking.

By Bus

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Although less convenient than driving, Slovenia’s extensive network of regional buses is reliable and budget-friendly. Timetables vary depending on the season, with more departures during the tourist-heavy, summer months. Routes run from 2-3 hours, although mid-morning and late-afternoon buses tend to be the shortest.

By Train/Transfer

Duration: 3 hours

There is no train station in Piran, but three direct trains run daily from Ljubljana to nearby Koper. From here, a 30-minute private transfer can take you the rest of the way.


Map of How to Get from Ljubljana to Piran
Map of How to Get from Ljubljana to Piran