The Soča Valley starts in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park near the town of Bovec, following the emerald-green Soča River south and slightly east. The transportation hub for the region is the small city of Most na Soči, which is where the main bus and train lines convene. 

You can certainly make the journey from Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana, which is connected to Most na Soči by modern roads, bus lines, and train services.

It’s also possible to reach Soča Valley from the country’s eastern hub, Maribor, as well as the coastal city of Koper. If you have time to extend your trip, this 8-day itinerary combines the Soča River Valley with hiking and sightseeing in Triglav National Park.

From Ljubljana

Duration: 2 - 3.5 hours

Ljubljana is well-connected to Soča Valley, particularly its transportation hub of Most na Soči. Renting a car or booking a private transfer is the fastest option, arriving in just under two hours. The route first follows highway E61 southwest out of Ljubljana, then connects with the scenic, two-lane Road 102. This route twists through valleys, along rivers, and through picturesque towns. 

Public transportation is also an option, with buses departing Ljubljana about five times a day and arriving in Most na Soči in 2.5 hours. Trains are a bit longer, taking 2.5-3.5 hours and connecting in the town of Jesenice. For better details of the journey, check out How to Get From Ljubljana to the Soča Valley

Once in Most na Soči, you can travel further into Soča Valley via private transfers, rental cars, or local buses. Some great towns to explore the region’s spectacular natural beauty include Tolmin, Kobarid, and Bovec. Additionally, many tour companies use Most na Soči as a base. 

From Koper

Duration: 2 - 4 hours

The port city of Koper is Slovenia’s largest coastal town. It’s almost directly south of Most na Soči and Soča Valley, but getting there means traversing some of the country’s most coveted scenery. If you go by car, you’ll reach Soča Valley in just under two hours. But because you’ll pass through both the Karst Region—filled with exceptional caving and hiking—and the Primorska Wine Region, you may want to extend your drive.

As you leave the coast via highway A1, you’ll pass by the UNESCO site of Škocjan Caves. You’ll connect to the H4 expressway at the town of Razdrto, where the Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle are just a 15-minute detour. You’ll also pass many scenic wineries in Goriška Brda, with the town of Šmartno being an excellent stopping point.

Trains also make the journey, leaving Koper and arriving in Most na Soči in three hours. Buses take a bit longer at four hours, connecting once in Logatec

For travel between Most na Soči and Soča Valley, see the previous option.

From Maribor

Duration: 2.5 - 4 hours

Maribor is Slovenia’s eastern hub and connected to Soča Valley via Ljubljana. If you choose to go by car, you’ll follow highway E57 west and then transition to highway E61/Route 102. This will take you about 3 hours.

Buses offer numerous departures each day, but you must first connect in Ljubljana. In total, it’ll take about 4.5 hours to reach Most na Soči. For travel between Most na Soči and Soča Valley, see the first option.